Ethical Agenda : The Missing Component in Traditional Business Practices

I have been a Business Owner since 2015. I’ve owned a number of businesses and started a few companies. My greatest obstacle came when I decided to prioritize Ethical Business Practices.

The Traditional Model claimed to have “all the answers” with tips and advice on “How to Make money!” Like so many other Entrepreneurs, I dove deep into the work. While many talked about “Money Aversion” and “Imposter Syndrome,” there was another, unspoken issue that kept arising, which turned out to be my only problem: Unethical Business Practices.

The Unethical Business Owner has no problem with how things are, and they confidently boast their success and methods, using their predatory methods on Patrons as much as Business Owners.

The Semi-Ethical Business Owner seemed to “bite the bullet” and follow the crowd, pushing down the nagging feeling that “This feels dirty,” but they managed to silence and mute their disgust. Their financial success was less than the Flamboyantly Unethical.

People quickly associated “Money” with “Evil” and those who valued Ethics resigned their lives to happy poverty.

The Flamboyantly Unethical were adamant that “This is the only way!”

I was not convinced.

Keanu Reeves is an excellent example of this. I KNEW there were Ethical Tactics to earn money, and I set out to find it.

The first thing I noticed was how much Common Belief or Appropriation there was in this mindset, which made this journey of mine much harder. I dedicated the next two years (2022 to 2024) to this very Mission. Ethical and Prosperous Business.

At every stage, I found “The Formula” that presented a Solution. I built the Formula from “The Defined Self” to “Growing your Vision and Purpose” to “Connecting with People.” From there, the real challenge started: Turning a Vision into a Money-Generating Machine… Ethically.

I found my answers and solutions in a non-existent Academic Discipline that can only be described as “Power Economics.” It is Economics for Human Propagation… The Ethical Way.” Or Human Circuitry, which is 100% based proven principles on Logic, Math, and Physics.

A week ago, I found the last piece of the formula, which unlocked the last three challenges. And this is what I learned:

The Flamboyantly Unethical need people to believe that “I had no choice! I HAD to be an asshole to everyone!” so they could justify their abusive behavior. And, in so doing, they convinced the entire world that, if you wanted money, you would have to be as Flamboyantly Unethical as them. And thus, everyone followed blindly without stopping to ask, “Is there another way?”

The Flamboyantly Unethical flourished in Business, while the Ethical drowned or abandoned ship.

2,000 years ago, someone somewhere found a way to “cheat” and manipulate people to farm them for their resources. A schism occurred and the “Unethical Wealthy” split from the “Ethically Poor.”

Today, that schism is painfully wide, shrinking the Middle Class, which has either joined the Unethically Wealthy or they have fallen to the Ethically Poor. Meanwhile, Mental Illness skyrockets out of control.

Today, as The Ethically Driven turned toward Business, the Widely accepted and unquestioned Unethical Business Practices stopped the Ethical in their tracks. They could feel the “slime” from the Psychological Manipulation hidden behind sales tactics.

Their ethical intuition shut them down and hundreds of new Ethical Business Owners said “I have a Money Block.”

Do you? Or do you have Ethical Standards?

Introducing “Ethical IQ.”

I held a meeting yesterday where I provided an Ethical Business Owner with a 20 minute breakdown of Power Economics and revealed the Math and Physics used by the Flamboyantly Unethical Business Owner to bypass Consent using Appropriation, Psychological Manipulation, “Wolf-In-Sheeps-Clothing,” Narcissism, Gaslighting, Forced Submission, and Fear-Based Terrorism steeped in strategic Panic to “farm people for their resources.”

The Flamboyantly Unethical Business Owner will then used words to “sedate” the panicked and confused Target feigning “Savior” after using Imagery to brainwash “Horror and Loss.”

I then presented this Ethical Business Owner with the Ethical Formula I had built alongside the Ethical Mindset and Method of Human Connection to Nourish, Empower, Encourage, and Preserve the Consent, Power, and Freedom of the Patron.

“This is what every Ethical Business Owner is starved for,” she said. “This is what we’ve been looking for… and it VALIDATES EVERYTHING we felt and suspected all along.”

This is Pythagorean Psychology. This is Power Economics.

If you are a Business Owner who desires the Ethical Path, DM me to schedule a Zoom Call with me and we’ll discuss your Business Diagnostics, you’ll receive a crash-course in Power Economics and your Business Journey Plan.

Anna Imagination is an Ontological Physicist and Philosopher Bard whose groundbreaking discoveries in Mental Health provide Pythagorean Psychology to the world.

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