Excerpt from Triadic Healing Part #3 Course : Triadic Healing For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and CEO’s

Sales, Dirty Business, Emotional Transactions – Not Step #3    

Words are vessels that carry Energy. 

Emotions are Energy. 

Gratitude is a POWERFUL Emotion that DRIVES Action. But Gratitude cannot be forced. It is a GIFT.


This is the Chapter of Gold that Every Business Owner wishes they knew. Every Ethical Business Owners seeks this out. Every Unethical Business Owner violates. When I did my research into Business this, Emotional Transactions, is what I was seeking. This is why Triadic Healing is so different.   




This word is a vessel that holds Emotional Energy like no other. Intent transfers into other words. Any word regardless of whether or not the Word Vessel marches the Emotional Energy it contains. 


AND PEOPLE CAN FEEL IT. We are Physics. People FEEL Physics. 


Back to our Weed Examples:  


“CTA and I’ll give you Weed.”

“I am giving you Weed. BTW, Please CTA.” 


“CTA and I’ll give you Weed.” 


Verbs, Action Words, are Vessels that contain Intent Words that hold Emotional Energy. You have no idea how WEIRD it is writing out this sentence, feeling my Emotional Energy being placed INTO the Words as I think them and write them KNOWING I am PASSING this knowledge ON to you so you can FEEL and then SEE and then KNOW what it is that is HAPPENING. 


As I CREATE out of LOVE for YOU AND ETHICAL BUSINESS, I am TRANSFERRING my EMOTIONAL ENERGY, fueled by MY INTENT into these WORDS so that when you READ them, you RECEIVE the Emotional Energy. 


The Capitalized words ARE the ones with Emotional Energy INSIDE of them. 




THIS is the Transference of Potential Emotional Energy into Kinetic Energy. As you read my words, the Emotional Energy is received and is TRANSFERRED into ELECTRICAL ENERGY inside of you. Your Synapses FIRES, transferring the Electrical Energy into hormonal CHEMICAL ENERGY, which translates into YOUR EMOTIONAL ENERGY. And thus, you have received my Energy into you. Now the Emotional Energy is STORED POTENTIAL ENERGY inside of you that YOU will TRANSFER into KINETIC ENERGY… 


When you purchased my Course, you gave consent to receive my Energy into you. Thank you. It is my honor and privilege to be received by you. It is a privilege to submit to your advantage.


At the 24 Ethic, you see all Energy like this and you learn to live to respect and preserve it in yourself and others. This is what I could feel and desired to understand. This is what Ethical People seek. 


Sales and Business is the Art and Craft of doing this transference of Energy Ethically. Anything less than this is nonconsensual manipulation.


Now… I will show you what Dirty Sales does.  


When Sales is done, the Businessman seeks to Sell. Their agenda and intent is only to get money or profit, at your disadvantage, if necessary. 


And people can feel this. Their Intent places their True Energy into their words. The Dirty Salesman will purposely use the wrong words not matched to the correct energy. 


In that first CTA example, she said, “Give” when she was not giving. She was Selling or Bartering. This made her a liar.  


“CTA and I’ll give you Weed.”


The second CTA example did give. He just did it. He did not say he was giving. He just did it. And after I, and the rest of the group accepted. After we RECEIVED AND SAID THANK YOU, did he then resend a last message. “Please CTA.” 


“I am giving you Weed. BTW, Please CTA.” 


The CTA was added with the Gratitude. Not fast like he was trying to cover it up. But to continue the conversation. The Gift, the Peace Offering, was already received. 


This is Trust and Risk that the second CTA Example provided. The first CTA example displayed distrust, no risk, and she lied about the terms of the agreement. “Gift” was spoken, but Trade and Barter without Negotiation or consent or even transparency was conducted. 


And people FEEL it. Every time. 


The world is growing more Ethical. People are becoming AWARE. THIS is what they are becoming AWARE of. 


Please, share this chapter with everyone you know. Everyone needs to know this.


Thank you for reading. If you wish to learn more, the link below is a great place to start…

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