Farewell To The Suppressor

Farewell To The Suppressor

No. You cannot have it both ways. I am Dichotomy. I am a Philosopher with wisdom ahead of my time, and I live in a World of Imagination and play that contradicts your “Logic.”

No. I will not conform to your “Either/Or” Extremes a moment longer.

I do not live in an Either/Or World. I live in a Logical “And” World that brims to life with Dichotomy. I live within a Rainbow overflowing with Imagination, Fantasy, Philosophy, Science, AND Logic.

No. This is my Boundary. You cannot have ME and the Black and White close-minded security you seek with your Intolerant Prejudice of Insanity.

I see the lies. I see the masks. I see the deceit you have woven, the web you used to break the Identity, Dreams, and Authority of my People. And you cannot have ME any longer.

I am leaving your Insanity. I am leaving your Toxic Mass of Hell and Mental Enslavement.

And I am taking My People WITH me.

I am taking the Dreamers, the Lovers, the Peace Makers. I am taking the Empaths, The Gentle, the Artists, the Shy. For they belong to themselves, and you have abused them, used them, malformed them, raped and beaten them. You have broken them. You do not DESERVE them.

Maybe they don’t yet know all that you have done, but I do. I have built a place for them and we are leaving. I am closing the door on you and your poisoned Insanity.

I am Imagination. Goddess of Story and Manifestation. Society is just a Mindset, which means you are in MY World. And I am God here.

I am taking My People and leaving you to your filth.

About the Author: Anna Imagination