“Fix my problems, but I also want to help change the people around me with what I learn from you.”

You’re a Narcissist. Most likely a Caregiver Narcissist. What I call Type #1.

Vulnerability and Trust. That is what you need more than anything. Courage to be Vulnerable with yourself and honest. The Vulnerability to be honest with yourself. And the Courage to quit. The Courage to put down every single responsibility you think you have right now.

You can’t be here unless you are ready to think only of yourself and no one else. You have to get SELFISH. YOU have to put YOU first.

Now if you’re pissed at me, good. You need to be pissed. Now take that anger you have and TURN IT INTO CHANGE. You use that anger you have to say, “Fuck you, bitch! I’ll do it!” Good!

Here’s what you gotta do.

Manifest, “You will be honest with yourself. You manifest that you will do this assignment to prove to Anna that you can kick this damn thing’s ass!”

Because what you have is a VIRUS. A Narcissist VIRUS and it is BAD! Like Stage #3 bad, which means, you have the most work ahead of you. And you do. Because you have the farthest to go, and you know what, I was further than you and I still fucking made it. So you will to.

Now here’s what you gotta do. You do what I told you that you need to do. You need the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Ethic. You need the Narcissist Cure and Triadic Healing Part #1a. Get through that.

But look out for it. I’m telling you… You have a hard reality that you’re up against. Addiction. You have an Addiction to helping people. Narcissism was fictious. It was never made up. Narcissus LOVED himself, deeply and truly, and so, so much… We both know you don’t love yourself so… We know you don’t have Narcissism. What you do have is An ADDICTION to helping people and an ADDICTION to Control and Power.

It’s time to be honest with yourself or you will never conquer this.

Now do your own work and mind your own Self Responsibility for once and do the work.