For My YouTube Viewers

Hello, My YouTube People!

You are the people who grew with me through my own Pilgrimage. You have a special place in my heart.

I love my YouTube People! This is the place to Activate the next stage of The Chain Reaction!

People who come here are looking for one thing: Increase the Quality of your Life Ethically. How we serve you depends on a few factors of what you are looking for in life.

1 – I want Problem Prevention and Education For An Ethically Easy Life.

2 – I want “Turn the Machine On” and take on The 12 Ethics Email Challenge were I learn how to Push Myself to my Maximum Limits. I am on a Pilgrimage and fancy myself a Philosopher. I’m in the Process of Finding Myself and am fed up with The System.

3 – I want to Join the PANDO Connectwork and incorporate Power Economics into my Business, Teaching, and Parenting