For Religious & Spiritual Leaders

Welcome to The Healing Garden.

The Healing Garden is not Spiritual or Religious. We do not, cannot, declare or adopt a Denomination. The moment we do, we exclude others who do not identify with a chosen Denomination.

For this reason, The Healing Garden remains nonspiritual and nonreligious.

We are for All who seek Love, regardless of Belief, Faith, Science, Proof, or Path of life.

I am no longer an Atheist. Nor do I adopt any one belief. I believe in Mother Nature… The Universe, and she goes by many genders and names: All Denominations, beliefs, Sciences all have a name for her. Gender is a Thing of Man. Energy does not have Gender.

I exist as an Ambassador of the Abstract. And I simply come to your World with Information and Knowledge that you may find helpful in your Mission.

We are fighting the Same fight against the same Enemy. And I wish to unite and collaborate with you.

I am Anna Imagination. I view Christ as a Philosopher and, he is my favorite Philosopher, next to Plato. The true enemy of this world is Fear. And there are many people who speak the Spiritual Language. Others who speak the Religious Language. And there are many who do not.

The message I have and the Fight I fight is for All who stand against Fear and Possession. I am Love. I stand with Love. I stand for Love. I fight Fear and Possession only. Not people.

Christ taught to love our Enemies. But there are many people who are not religious and who are not our Enemies. Christ’s Philosophy is not exclusive to Spiritualists and the Religious. But, much animosity has been cultivated between The Religious and the Atheist and the Scientist.

I have been watching the Church for 20 years. And things are changing.

When I was studying Philosophy and the 12 Ethics, I was surprised to find the words Of Christ in the middle of the Philosophy.

It is time to set aside our differences and unite because we are both on the same Mission. I am Street. I am Brooklyn. I am Love. I am Abstract. I am of The People. I belong to The People. I serve them. I serve The Nature. I serve The Ethics. I am clinically diagnosed “Impossible” and “Should be Dead.” I exist in a Societal Crack outside of Religion, Science, Government, and Society.

This perspective has permitted me to see the world very differently than all others.

I am seeking to gift my information and knowledge to Religious Leaders and Spiritual Leaders alike. I request an audience with you. If you receive my request, I ask you to please contact me.