For The NEETS!

If you don’t know what a NEET is, read this.

Now then…


Welcome to The Healing Garden!


**rolls out the red carpet**


You are my People!

In decades past, we’ve seen a lot of past Generations cram a lot of “GET A JOB!” and “GET IN THE BOX!” down our throats. It’s refreshing to see people stand up and say, “I’m going to take my damn sweet time figuring myself out! And WHEN I make a move in my life FOR my life, I’m going to have a plan and a Strategy instead of burning through my Resources, thank you very much!”

And to you I say, KUDOS! And welcome!

This is all for you!

I have a Ship of The Future on LinkedIn, I wish to invite you to, which I have named “The Party Ark of Peace!” I send out classes and newsletters, Forecasts on the Societal Perspective Era Shift, and so much more besides including Theatrical Staged productions called “Subconscious Dialogues” where I break down all the parts of your Mind for you.

Here is our Front Desk and is the best place to start!




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