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“Alright,” said the Gardner, closing the gate behind you and shutting out the world outside. “Let’s get you enrolled… Those who seek Healing, Pilgrims, and Philosophers come here for Study. They go on to be World Leaders, CEO’s, and Visionaries. The one’s who Ethically Lead, Change, and Move the World attend University here.” 

All work within The Healing Garden is 100% PRE-REQUISITIONAL. There is no jumping ahead or short cuts. Anna learned a long time ago from Plato, Pythagoras, and Math that ALL learning is SEQUENTIAL. That means, it has to happen in the right ORDER. And unless you know better than Plato, Pythagoras and Math, I advise you to stick to the Masters… and the Math.”

Healing & Pilgrimage

Triadic Healing Part #1 is where everyone needs to begin their Healing Garden Journey. If you haven’t completed Triadic Healing Part #1 and Part #2, then you aren’t ready for Part #3, which is where you go on to be a Valkyrie Lightworker, a Visionary, a CEO, or a Healer. LEARN IN ORDER. 

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Community Health is vital for your Healing and Growth. If you have a Mission or you seek a Community, join PANDO



If you wish to become a Valkyrie Lightworker, become a Member. Anna hosts a Class on Saturday’s for Q&A and Open Discussions. 



If you’re already a C Suite Executive, a Visionary, and/or a Top Tier who needs Anna’s Brain, then preview the Requirements.

Anna only provides Consultation for:

  1. C-Suite Executives
  2. Top Tier
  3. Visionaries

You must meet 2 of these 3 requirements in order to schedule an Appointment with Anna. Learn More.


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