Have you heard of Power Economics?

Have you heard of Power Economics? It’s the Science and Logic of how we connect and interact.

Our Society teaches us to think backwards with Business. We think “WHAT do we want to do?” when we should be asking, “How do you understand the World?” There are only three ways a person translates their understanding of the world:




The Artist feels things intuitively first and has to translate everything into Feeling, Intuition, and Image.

The Communicator understands Logic, Words, and Human Circuitry or relativity.

The Scientist has to understand where something comes from, what the rules are that governs in, and what the reason is for its being.

Which one(s) are you?

The next question you need to ask is “What language do I speak? There are five types of Languages:

Business Owner (Tier #5)

Teacher (Tier #4)

Healer (Tier #3)

Parent (Tier #2)

Artist (Tier #1)

All five of these are under the same category: Human Circuity and Power Economics.

When people start up a business, they ask the question, “HOW do you want to help people?” except 100% of every profession helps people. It doesn’t matter what you do. Unless you are a hermit, your work helps someone somewhere. The real question is “What language(s) do you speak to guide people?”

Business Owner’s help people with Problem Solving guidance.

Teachers help people with Instruction and Skill Building guidance.

Healers help people with Emotional guidance.

Parents help people with Empowering and Encouraging guidance.

Artists help people with Self-Expression guidance.

The other question you need to be thinking about is “WHERE” do you want to help people? There are four Roles:

1) The Foundationals work among the People, directly with Patrons. They are the Foundation of our Society. Farmers, Chefs, Nurses, Factory Workers… these are Foundationals.

2) The Cultivators are the Parent-Teacher-Healer-Business Owners of the World. They are the Conduits who transmit Information from The Visionaries to the Foundationals. They build the bridge so Foundationals can become Visionaries. If Cultivators are not properly trained in Power Economics, the Middle Class disappears as the gap between Foundationals and Visionaries widens. Eventually, the Society collapses.

3) The Visionary is the Idea Generator. They are the Think Tank people who build ideas and plans. They are the ones thinking up new ideas. They see the Big Picture. They are the Solutionists in the world.


4) The Pioneers are those who live on the Frontier, pushing the known boundaries of knowledge with Discovery and Invention and expanding our understanding of the Universe.

Power Economics changes everything about the world. DM me to learn how Power Economics can nourish your business.

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