HMS Slush Brain Welcome Packet!

Welcome aboard to the HMS Slush Brain! Anna Imagination warmly invites you into her hearty crew!

In addition, we have the 12 Ethics Email Challenge and The Newsletter Archives

We have a lot here at The Healing Garden. It’s a Virtual City with a University and Educational Resources on Human Propagation, Prosperity, and Happiness, Community Networking and Nourishment, Entertainment, Games, and Innovative Never-Seen-Before Mental Health Resources. Pace yourself. It’s a lot.

We cover everything from Basic Healing Journeys, Pilgrimages, and Networking. The Healing Garden is on the Front Lines of The Healing Reformation. You can learn more at “Make The Most of The Healing Garden” where I provide you with the Full Tour of Alexandria. Great to browse through over your Morning Coffee!

The Directory is a great over view of where everything “virtually” is so you can gain an idea of The Full Picture.

The Healing Garden Respite Center is an excellent place to begin.

I send out The 12 Ethics Email Challenge every morning. I am in New York, so they go out bright and early. On occasion, I send a “Special Edition” Email that includes an update, News Bulletin, or in-depth Article regarding news regarding The Healing Reformation.

Thank you so much for joining the HMS Slush Brain and May the Kindest of words always find you!


Please enjoy these Gifts of Gratitude!

The A to Z “Outlook” on Life, Human Propagation, and How to Plan a Healthy, Happy Life Overview.


“Is Your Networking Working For You?”

Make sure you are getting the most out of your Networks.


Triadic Healing For “How to Connect With People” Course! This gives you a taste of what our courses look like, and what kind of learning environment you’ll receive here.

Triadic Healing For Initiation Classes

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