How do I ensure I get the most out of The Healing Garden and everything you have built? I don’t want to miss anything and I want to maximize my benefits.

The Healing Garden is not meant to be a Feast.

It is a Path of Stepping Stones through the Healing-Growth-Learning process that is The Self Journey or Your Pilgrimage.

People turn to Healing unaware that it is really just Learning and Growth. At the 7th to 9th Ethic, you realize, “Healing” is a misnomer that does not exist in The Abstract.

“Healing” is just the return to Ethical Living, Optimum Mental Wealth, and Prosperity or Human Propagation. This is an excellent visual that demonstrates more precisely what takes place during “Healing.”

Pilgrims who decide to pursue the Ethical Life as Mother Nature intended start with Triadic Healing Part 1a (Free). This provides a sample of what they can expect from Triadic Healing.

Yes. Regardless of how long you have been on your Pilgrimage or Healing Journey, it is never “too late” to join Triadic Healing.

Tier #1 – The Self

Many Pilgrims supplement Triadic Healing Part 1a with The Game (Free), Subscription, PANDO Community (Free), and Membership ($20/Month).

Once you complete Triadic Healing Part 1a, you can continue your Pilgrimage with Triadic Healing Part 1b ($2,500).

Tier #2 – The People

Triadic Healing Part #2 ($5,000) is provided for Cultivators; Parents-Teachers-Healers-Entrepreneurs.

After Triadic Healing Part #2, many doors and opportunities open up.

  • Anna’s Playground is Unlocked for Members to join. Learn More.
  • Lightworkers and Healers can choose to buy into The Healing Garden Franchise. Contact Anna for details.
  • Business Owners and CEO’s of Corporations can purchase Triadic Healing for Corporate Package for their Employees. Contact Anna for details.
  • Teachers can obtain Triadic Healing free for their School Districts. Contact Anna for details.

Tier #3 – The Ethical Entrepreneur

At the end of Triadic Healing Part #2, Triadic Healing Part #3 becomes an option. Here, those who dream of the Entrepreneur Life go on to pursue create and build their Business. Learn how to Balance between the Material Plane and The Abstract as you bring your Dream at Conception into Materialization.

Triadic Healing “The Works”

If you’ve read through this and you want it all, The Triadic Healing Complete Package ($15,000) is available. You receive 100% of our Triadic Healing Courses.

The Alma Mater And Philanthropy

Triadic Healing Alumni are invited to join The Alma Mater. World Peace, Humanitarianism, Philanthropy, The Round Table, and The Think Tank all centered around PANDO becomes available.

Contact Anna for details.