How I Got This Way

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Anna Imagination goes beyond Mental Healing for the Scientific Neurodivergent Nerd as she unravels the Abstract World of Metaphysics, Psychology, and more really deep shit. Healing, Meditation, Parenting, Relationships, Narcissism, and Psychology to our Education System, Societal Behaviors, Government, The Universe, Physics, and Energy are just some of the things we talk about here.

Anna Imagination is an award-nominated Author, Logician, and Philosopher with 30 years in the Interdisciplinary Studies of Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, Sociology, and Storytelling as she delivers her diverse, groundbreaking, and mindset-altering perspective.


From Broken to Breaking Delusion to what you see before you… This is how I got this way…


I was tortured. For 40 years and in all the ways possible.

I have been raped, enslaved, imprisoned, sold, prostituted, beaten, raped, owned, breeded, and used. I may have died once. I don’t know what to call what happened to me that day.

And my Subconscious Mind used Mental Illnesses to protect me from Insanity.

When I was 4, I witnessed something so horrific that I wished for World Peace, for all the Pain to stop, and for no one to ever suffer again. I wished for the power to save the world and to change it so that no one would ever suffer again.

I wished for Knowledge.

After that, whatever I wished for, I received. And all I wished for was knowledge. Solutions, and Answers to my problems.

At 15, I realized I needed to save myself and that I would need Education and Knowledge to escape my owners, get out, and heal.

So I wished for the solution and I got it.

I found the God Code and I used it on myself.

I was raped on 9/11 and that suffering reignited my wishing for answers and solutions. So I kept wishing for knowledge, education, answers and solutions. I had to outlearn my abusers. It became a race.

Could I learn faster than they were killing me? That was the question.

It took me 40 years to outsmart and outlearn their abuse.

And in 2020, I escaped having no idea that I was a slave. In 2022, I gained enough knowledge that I could observe situations that most people couldn’t see and the need, desire, and calling to build The Healing Garden and Alexandria and to pour all of my knowledge into it…

In 2023, I invented the Prosthetic Subconscious Mind (called the AIDNS and is available for free in Triadic Healing Part #1a). I see the Subconscious Mind like a Rubix Cube. And I have the Algorithm.

My learning doesn’t stop. I don’t know if I can. I don’t know if I want to.

My Learning Journey… what I learned… what I know…

Well then… That is Alexandria and The Healing Garden.

Enjoy the Discovery.


In 2023 and 2024, I realized my truth and what I am.

I love theater and stage, teaching, learning and Education and my knowledge is vast.

I realized that I have been living inside of the Abstract World since I was 4 years old, my Mind, my Mental Makeup 100% untouched by Traditional Society, The System, or my Abuse.

When I talk with people, they can’t “figure me out” or “place” me.

They would ask me invasive questions about my past that always led to a story of abuse and torture that I have chosen to no longer recount for others who needed to understand something they couldn’t.

You have to walk in my shoes.

And no one can handle my shoes.

Imagine Christ’s Crucifixion. 3 days? Mine lasted 40 years. My book Broken depicts my suffering if you want to know more.

So I became a Storybook Character and a Bard. This gave me the Freedom to be me in all my purities without having to explain myself to anyone.

My Bardic nature allows me to wield and use and access all of my knowledge into the delight and entertainment of others. As Bards once were.

And my Energy and Truth no longer has to be explained, contained, or hidden.

To those who ask about my past… Read Broken. Please don’t ask me again.

The Sequel Breaking Delusion (2025) depicts the period after Broken from 2015 to 2024.


It’s just like Elsa, man, I’m telling you. It all happens exactly as it did to Elsa. Remember and you are found. Heal and you remember. Learn and you Heal.

Then you get to know who and what you REALLY are.