How To Take Off The Mask

I just walked out of another 6 month situation with a Narcissist.

The pain of Narcissism is so severe, that most people are HIGHLY AVERSE to it.

Narcissism is Invisible. It is Invisible in 1st Person Point of View. It is Visible in 3rd Person Point of View only in the 3rd Stage. This means that even in 1st Person Point of View, no matter what, you will not see it in yourself. By the time others see it in you, your Narcissism has settled into the 3rd Stage… and you still won’t see it.

Narcissism is invisible in 1st Person Point of View.

The only way to see your own Narcissism is to STEP OUT of the 1st Person Point of View.

Point of View Stepping is a learned skill that requires training.

To date, this technique is the only defense against Narcissism. With this skill, it took me 4 months to Identify Narcissism as opposed to 5 years, 10 years… a lifetime.

My first exposure to Narcissism was my 2nd marriage of 12 years.

My next exposure to Narcissism was my own for 3 years.

My next exposure to Narcissism was 4 months.


There is being abused by Narcissism, having it infect you so that you are the Narcissist to others, and there is “the Bate-and-Switch” stage.

There are two sides of Narcissism. The Loving “Mother” who only feels worthy when she “nurtures” and “gives” or the overgenerous friend who overgive.

And the Invalid who needs your constant attention, care, and service and obedience.

All Grandios Narcissism (Stage #2 and #3) begins as Vulnerable Narcisissm (Stage #1 and #2).

Vulnerable Narcissism nurtures Grandios Narcissm.

Superheroes CREATE their own Narcissists.

All empaths are Narcissists.