I am overwhelmed. I don’t know where to begin. There is so much. How do I know what I need?


It’s as if you’re in a room and someone dumped a dozen boxes of baubles and things all over the floor and you’ve been told to build a spaceship with them, and everything is disorganized.

Overwhelm is usually a symptom of having too much on your plate and having too little control, order, organization, understanding, or plan in your life.

So first, we pause and clear the floor.

*Anna snaps her fingers and the room clears. You are standing in a Garden beside a fountain.*

Have a seat and take a moment to just breathe… There is no time. There is nothing to do. Just pause and breathe.

One deep breath in… You have nothing to do. And one deep breath out.

You are free of all responsibilities. One deep breath in… And out.

You have only this time with you. Deep breath in. Imagine the smell of lilacs and peonies… and hold…

Deep breath out.


Overwhelm occurs when someone lacks Self-Regulation. Just in your coming here, I know you probably take on much more than your share of responsibilities. To the point where you most likely don’t ever relax. You may struggle with Comfort, if you have any at all.

You are here, probably, because you know you need healing, but you have no idea where to begin. You may even not be used to making Choices for Yourself. Oh! Choices for others, probably, but not for Yourself.

And time… Do you often feel like a Slave to Time?


Deep breath in…

And out.

Narcissists use Time to control others. Urgency is their weapon to get you to move so fast that you never think. If you slow down, you can think, and then you’ll catch on that they are manipulating you. This is why so many people who suffer from Narcissist Abuse, feel Overwhelm.

You may even be the primary Caregiver of your family. Always taking care of everyone. No one taking care of you.

The emotion Overwhelm only exists when a person lacks The Problem Solving Skill of Organization and Planning. Which a person does not develop if they were raised by Narcissists who rushed them.

Overwhelm tells me a lot about a person’s abuse.


What you need is The Catalyst and a Plan.

The Catalyst is always Invisible. Triadic Healing is designed to help you find it.

I use a different language. The language I use is strategic and is part of your healing. My question is, how far do you want to go? Because, as much as you want to get started, you’re not going anyway if you are not honest about where it is you want to be?

Here is The Healing Journey Starter Pack and Triadic Healing Part 1a. Also, I recommend reading “What Songs Do You Want Sung About You?”

The Healing Garden Membership is available for anyone who wants to join my monthly Group Q&A with me, “Journey Into The Self.”

And I strongly recommend The Narcissist Cure.

This is a lot of information that will keep you busy. Take your time and start to browse through everything and decide what it is you want.

And when you’re ready… when you know “How far it is you want to go,” I can help you learn how to make the most of The Healing Garden and our Resources.