I Have A Message To Pass Along

This can’t wait. It’s going to slow. And this is too important.

I will show you what Networking *really* is. Follow my lead. Courage.


“I have a message that I need to pass on. It’s for whoever is in charge.

I come from the sewers. I speak from the Bottom. I am so low in the hierarchy that I can’t even be heard.

I was a slave for 40 years in New York. It took me 40 years to escape.

And when I did, I couldn’t even speak the language.


It took me four years to learn how to speak your language.

And I have a message that I have been trying to get to you.


I am impossible because I grew up outside of your Culture. But I had to escape it.

And to escape it, I had to learn things. I had to do things.

I saw your Culture and System, your Rat Race and your Society as an Outsider.

So I saw things no one else sees.

The work I did to escape with 2 of my 3 children… I am not possible, they told me.

I should be dead.

In fact, I may have died once. I still don’t know what happened to me that day.


But I have come a long way to deliver a message and I am too low down. I can’t get to you. But you know someone. You do.

You know someone who is the most ETHICAL, GOOD, BEAUTIFUL SOUL who is POWERFUL. Who is the most GOOD and Ethical person you know? Because whoever that is, I need to talk to him or her.

I need to tell them that I have a message. And that I am too low down from the top of the hierarchy to be heard. So I need my message to go UP. UP to the TOP. Up through the ETHICAL LINE… that is important. I MUST go through the Ethical Line or else I won’t make it.

Carry my message up. Tell them I have a message for whoever is in charge. Tell them, that what I have can end the war, can cure Mental Illness, can change the world… and that it is too important to go through the bottom and out before it goes up.

I have to have this message go right to the top. What I have is the Global Solution we all have been asking for. This can’t wait. People are dying. Please. Take me up to the top. I need to speak to whoever is in charge. I have to tell them my story. I am impossible. Tell them I am asking for their audience. And if they ask me who I am, tell them “I am John Galt. And I have The Motor.” I have the Solution to Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method. I’m smart. And I have John Galt’s Motor.

So you, beautiful soul, you are in my Circle because you are higher than me. Because I come from the Bottom. I was born in the sewer, a Domesticated Slave to White Supremacists and all I have is a High school Diploma. The Hierarchy is too high and they can’t hear me. I’m born too low to be heard.

But I have something that can end the War. I have the cure to Mental Illness. And I need to speak to someone at the top.