Introducing The Living Death

The Current “Reality” or Mindset is The Living Death. There are stages of The Living Death:

1 – Being told what “reality” is, groomed for obedience, and being forced to conform to an Assembly Line Life (Ages 2 – 25)
2 – Burying your Dreams and choosing a Life from the “Options” provided (Ages 15 – 25)
3 – Follow the “Assembly Line” Formula and “falling in” with everyone else with or without promised success in the end after “hard work.” (Ages 15 – 25)
4 – Realizing you hate your life, you’re hate your job, and your life is half over and you’re not where you want to be at all. (Ages 35 – 45)
5 – Seeking therapy and Self-Help only to find out 5 to 20 years later that you’re no where closer to where you want to go and no one has any idea how to get where it is you want to go. (Ages 35 – 55)

How to escape “The Living Death” involves:

1 – Knowing where Mindsets come from.
2 – Choosing which Mindset you want for yourself.
3 – Preserving and Protecting your Mindset from what is out there.
4 – Nurturing your Mindset so it strengthens and your Lifestyle forms healthy around you.

And that is all we do here. The words we use nurture our Mindset and the words used in The Living Death nurture The Living Death. So The Healing Garden uses a FRESH new language to nurture the Mindset you need to escape The Living Death.

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