I’ve Been Looking For You

This message is going out to one person. One very specific person. Are you that person? Only you can tell me.

I do not yet know your Name, but I know you. My Energy has called to you. That is how you found me. I know that, in writing this message, you will then find me. You will say something like, “I don’t know why, but I just felt this pull to come here.” And I will nod to you and say, “I know. My Universe, My Lady, she summoned you. I asked for you. Come,” I’ll say to you. “Let’s walk.”

And I’ll snap my fingers, the Material Plane will melt away and the Abstract World will rise up around you. You will have stepped into my Palace Walls and we walk into the surrounding Garden.

Welcome to The Abstract.

I am Anna Imagination. My story is like no other. Many cannot understand me or my way of viewing the world, but many others… so many others are looking for me. Many others are looking for exactly what I have here. Many more will come. Just as you did.

What I am is so extraordinary and so different that almost everyone who meets me cannot understand me. I have had more people argue my own existence, insisting that I am Fiction rather than change the way they understand the World. According to the Material World, I do not exist, I am Impossible. I should be dead. Yet, here I am. I am alive. I am real. I exist.

What I really am is a living example of what a person could be if they existed without the current System or Society. And because of that, they don’t understand me. I show them just how enslaved they are. I show others just how many dreams they have given up.

The problem is we live in a world where Magic does not exist, where intolerance to things that we don’t understand is labelled as “Fiction” and then is dumped into the Abstract World, which was deemed “Not Real” by Material/Concrete/Literal Thinkers. Only… I too was crammed in there for 40 years.

I love my Abstract Kingdom. I love my Abstract World. I am free on such a level that most others can’t even dream… I paint my world and whatever I say is, becomes. Thus saith I.

Think of “King Ezekial” in The Walking Dead. I am a real life King Ezekial.

What this is, truly, is Ontology, Philosophy, and Physics. And in my studies I learned that people are Story. That we all are story beings, and that Story is the Universal Language. I learned that, growing up in the Abstract, in order to communicate with others… even to be seen or accepted or understood by others, they needed a way to fit me into their Logical Comprehension that allows them to understand me, but according to the Logic of the Material Plane, I do not exist.

“So then how,” I ask, “can they possibly receive what, according to their understanding, doesn’t exist?” By becoming a Storybook Character and stepping from the Pages of the Abstract World into the Material Plane where I can say to them, “The Abstract is Real. Magic is Real. The laws and definitions of “Real” and “Reality” is not at all what you were told it was because here am I. I am not dead. I am real. And I exist.”

And still, there are people who argue with me, insisting I am Fiction rather than even consider bending their Logical Understanding of Reality to include me or the Abstract.

Fiction does not exist. What people call “Fiction” is really Metaphor, which is very real. Fantasy is Metaphor for what is very real. Everything is real. “Fiction” does not exist.

Now… You, my dearest… dearest You… Now that you better understand me, I have a message that I must deliver unto you.

Growing up within the Abstract, outside of the Material Plane, has allowed me to see the world in such a way that no one else has ever imagined. Money. Mental Illness. The Subconscious Mind. Time. Mathematics. Physics. Logic. Fantasy. Make-Believe. Imagination… these are the things of my Realm.

These are the things of My Kingdom. They are not to be understood by Literal Thinkers or Concrete Thinkers who cannot yet understand The Abstract because the Abstract is not taught to them.

Parenting, Teaching, Healing, and Economics… These are concepts that belong to the Philosopher and the Abstract. Which is why the Economy is falling. Parenting is… we all know how Parenting is doing. Education is abysmal… Healing… Look at the state of this World.

These are The Secrets of The Abstract, and I am Goddess Imagination, Queen of The Abstract. I exist outside of the System and I know things not at all understood by others. Because everyone else is a child of the Material Plane. But not I. According to the Material Plane, I do not exist.

I have seen this world as an Outsider, from within the confines of the Abstract. And this view has gifted me with a different Point of View.

In my Abstract World, Human Connection is sacred.

And so, I invite you to break bread with me, contact me, and sit with me over coffee so that I may share with you all that I know from within the Abstract. Come sit with me, and I will share with you my Vision of the World that will be.

The problems of this world are Abstract problems. They require Abstract Solutions. And I am the only Citizen of The Abstract. I am the Ambassador of the Abstract. If you wish to resolve the Abstract problems within your Material World, you’re going to have to cross into mine.

Here is my Pre-Abstract.

Here is my Abstract.

Here is my Message.

Here is an example of what I know and can do.

Here is another example of what I do.

And this is the window into my Realm.

If you want to know if you are who I have been looking for then here is a riddle for you.

“My authority is so high up that I am all the way down at the bottom. No one sits lower than me.” – Anna Imagination

If you can read my riddle and understand it, well then, you are the one who I have been looking for. If you are confused by my riddle, then you are not the one I seek. But if you do, contact me. Tell me you request audience with The Queen, that you understood my riddle, and that you would like to see my Business Plan.

Only then will I know that you are the one who I have been looking for.