Logic Loops : Mother Nature’s way of saying, “I’ve Come to Bargain”

I have no doubt, the reason why I was struggling so much since December was because I had not yet apologized to you for violating your trust and also for violating my own Ethic. It’s the first time that my head is clear of the Logic Loop that was stuck on replay for 5 months. Prior to that, I had more them finally release. I’ve been spending the last two weeks just accepting my lessons and apologizing to so many people. It’s been two straight weeks of just remorse and apology to everyone. And that is when I came to you and I finally realized that I owed so much to you in remorse because of December.
I now am certain that if a person does not apologize and learn the Ethical law, the Universe throws the world at you until “you get it.”
The Universe puts Logic Loops in our Heads if we fail to learn an Ethical Lesson. So we go back and we learn it. And that is Mental Illness. Fuck dammn. But none of us have none what we are supposed to be learning.