“Make The Most of The Healing Garden”

Welcome to The Healing Garden and Alexandria. Here, we cover every corner of The Healing Garden, The HMS Slush Brain, Alexandria… all of it. I am Anna Imagination, and I’ll be walking you through my City!

I have laid a trail of links for you to follow and span out in any direction that may make your fancy.

This is the Central Fountain or “The Philosopher’s Fountain” in the middle of The Healing Garden. It’s where I love to receive new people and welcome them to The Garden. We see three types of people through here:

  • People seeking Healing.
  • People on their Pilgrimage.
  • People in Celebration who have completed the Pilgrimage and/or Healing and are looking to build Community, supplement their prosperous lives, and/or get involved in Growth and Community.

We also have people who work with us inside of Alexandria on the Front Lines of The Healing Reformation. Wherever you wish to be, is entirely up to you.

We see people who grow and seek respite while they heal and they move on to other Networks that better suit their needs. People who are unsure where they belong, but who call The Healing Garden “Home” until they find themselves, and those who have Settled here as “Citizens” of Alexandria. All are welcome here. Regardless of how you came to be here or your agenda, you will always find a warm welcome here.

Triadic Healing

Triadic Healing is the core Program in The Healing Garden. It is a full “Walkthrough” with Materials and Supplies for Healing Journeys, Pilgrimages, and/or Life Courses and is divided into four Parts.

Triadic Healing Part #1 : The self

Triadic Healing Part #1 covers Trauma Recovery, Basic Healing, and Recovery of The Self. It is an excellent place to start. The first part of the Course is Free.

Triadic Healing Part #2 : The Cultivators

Triadic Healing Part #2 covers Networking, Relationships, Parenting, and Teaching. It is excellent for those who wish to become Lightworkers or Healers. It includes Power Economics and The Emotional Transaction of Human Connection.

Triadic Healing Part #3 : The Business Owner

After Triadic Healing Part #2, the Triadic Healing Alumni can choose to go on to Part #3 and/or Part #4. Part #3 covers Business development, Ownership, and contains all the Business Formulas and “How To” guide to take any Entrepreneur from “Dream” to CEO Executive. Here, we also cover Fame and Fortune and Limelight.

Triadic Healing Part #4 : The Philosopher

Triadic Healing Part #4 is for the Intellect who wishes to go on to study Anna’s Philosophy. This is for anyone who seeks to work one-on-one and in a Philosopher’s Masterclass to dive deep into the Ontological Physics, Metaphysics, and the Abstract. It is the life of the Life-Long Learner and the Philosopher who seeks this road.

Why Does The Healing Garden Have Four Parts?

Because our Mission is to get you to Optimum Mental Wealth and not everyone heals through Talk Therapy. In Triadic Teaching, you learn that there are four ways a person learns to retain knowledge for life:

  • Technique (The Mental Technique behind Skill Building)
  • Theory (How and Why something works)
  • Application (Applied Doing / Practice)
  • Discussion (Formal Argument and Debate)

And in Triadic Healing’s Power Economics, you learn that People are Physics. That Emotional Energy is either stored inside of you or it passes through you. This makes a Human Being a Battery or a Conduit. We’re also Generators and Transformers, but that is another lesson. When you are ready to Transfer your Emotional Energy, you only have four options:

  • Do
  • Talk
  • Learn
  • Create

People who are healthy transfer their Emotional Energy “on time.” People who manage torture in the moment turn themselves into a Conduit and they transfer their Emotional Energy immediately into Learning. That is a useful skill if you are subjected to long-term trauma. People who have Mental Illness, store their Emotional Energy and hang on to it long past the point permitted by Physics.

People need to be trained how to manage their Emotional Energy According to the laws of Physics. Because if you don’t, then Mother Nature will do it for you. She has an Equilibrium to maintain and Humans are not exempt from her ballet.

Talk Therapy only addresses Talking to Transfer Emotional Energy. But not everyone is a talker. There are Doers, people who Learn, and people who Create to heal. The Healing Garden accommodates all four Healing Types and trains them how to siphon their Emotional Energy properly. Did I mention that The Healing Garden is on the Front Lines of The Healing Reformation?

We introduce Story Healing, Logic Health, Community Health, and Energy Health to Mental Health Care alongside our Subconscious Mind’s Natural Learning methods according to Ethical Law and Natural Order so 100% of what you learn in The Healing Garden works with your Subconscious Mind instead of against it. And this is 100% Holistic and without Medication.

If you want to learn more about this, you can go here.

Play, Games, Imagination, Story, and the Abstract are also Vital parts to the Mental Wealth of the Human Mind. Without the Playground, a Human’s life becomes a slow death.

Our focus here is Full and Well-Rounded Healing for Optimum Alignment and Balance. 100% of all other Healing Resources in this world, neglect Balance. I have not found a single one yet because not one is aware of Story Health, Logic Health, and Community Healthy. It takes a Healing City to provide the Balance people need in their Mental Health.

That is why The Healing Garden is vast.

The Healing Garden

The Healing covers the Onboarding, the Welcoming of New Arrivals, those who seek Healing and Recovery from Trauma. This is where we provide Triadic Healing Part #1.

The Healing Garden is Tier #1.

The Healing Garden Respite Center is where we invite people to begin.

We have our Philosophy and our Mission, which we do strongly recommend you visit.

Let’s head on over to Alexandria and then we’ll cover the City, what options are available to you, and how to put together a plan according to your desires and dreams.

Let’s head on over to Alexandria.



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