Meditation For Practiced Enjoyment

The Philosopher’s Fountain…
This is one of my favorite concepts within The Healing Garden. The Visual and the Imagined Concept provide a Mental Sanctuary that allows me to just capture the State of Mind I relish most.
I envision this place and I sit and reflect on Philosophy, Enjoyment, and Life. Time does not exist here. Everything else is paused and this space is cleared for me and my thoughts.
Reserving this space in our minds is a Respite. It allows us to step outside of life, turn back and review our lives with a new Lens and Perspective. Words are very much Scopes that, when mastered, can be used to Zoom in, dissect, analyze, rotate, angle, and review an entirely new point of view within our lives and mind.
The Point is the Subject of Dissection with which we place on the Slide. The words are the Microscope we use to take a closer look into the Mind.
The Mind, for most, is a dormant, unused Scope where the Untrained User does not know the Discipline of using their Mind Scope. But, with proper training, one can adjust a few knobs, focus in on the right subject, and see things so clearly, one wonders why they never saw something before.
Meditation, for most, feels like Work. Physics has a lot to say about Work. Triadic Healing instead uses Meditation to Practice the Skill “Enjoyment.”
As soon as my 16 year old daughter wakes up, I will walk you through one of these Meditations and I’ll show you how it’s done. Rethink everything you thought you knew about Mental Health, Wellness, Self-Improvement… Self-Improvement? More like, “Self-Nourishment” … Yes. Yes, that is the right word.
As I said, Words are the Microscope of The Mind. It’s time we learn the Discipline of Mastering The Mental Scope.
If you are new to The Healing Garden, this is Pythagorean Psychology. And this is the ONLY place where it is available.
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