Narcissists Who Hate Love

I love this! Okay! When I recovered from Narcissism, one of the FIRST THING that I did was realize that Hating love CURES Narcissism.

The reason why is because, it is the pursuit of Love that drives the Narcissist’s Power and Control Addiction. Because they can’t control Love, they project that control on… The people who they want to love them. When you stop pursuing Love, the Narcissism ends. Immediately. And then, you are in a position to Experience Love.

Love cannot be possessed, given, gifted, taken, accepted, or received. Love is not a resource. Love is a Force. And Forces are Consequences and Chain Reactions. Which means Love is a Consequence.

It is the Connection and the Transmission and Reception that you seek.

Our Narcissist and Communication classes would be perfect for you. And in those classes we are NARCISSISTS! WHO HATE LOVE!