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Welcome To The Healing Garden

May Warmth and Love always Find you.

Vitalogy: The Science and Logic of Life


Here we Reverse Engineer Marketing, Image, and your Brand!

Anna Talks on all things Life-Related for Happiness, Optimum Mental Wealth, Success, and Prosperity:

  1. Ethical and Logical Business Sense and Mother Nature’s Business Model for The Upcoming Age of Authenticity!
  2. Political Theater: The Emperor Is Naked (A Satyr Play) The Imbroglio of Mitchell “The Man” Officials and his Henchmen: The Lecherous Lester Letchworth and Mrs. Penningroth
  3. 1st Century Translation -> The Dichotomy of Good and Evil… 21st Century Translation -> Love vs. Consumption (Narcissism)
  4. The Learning Journey of The Discovered Self (For your Inner Pilgrim)
  5. The User’s Manual For The Subconscious Mind + Problem Prevention + Abuse Proof You
  6. The Genius Formula : [RAS + Story] + The 12 Ethics + [Logic + Problem Solving] + How Things Work (Reverse Engineering) + Scientific Method = The Genius Formula
  7. Emotional Regulation and Life Skill Building
  8. The Radical Global Healing Plan + The Healing Engine for The Nourishment of Humanity, Earth, and Mother Nature : Ethical Law and Natural Order
  9. Providing the World with Nutritional Knowledge and Ethical IQ
  10. The Human Being : A Social Changeling and Sentient Story

Anna is an Ontological Physicist, a Philosopher Bard, and a Societal Solutionist. She uses Theater, Stage, and Story to teach The World the Logic, Love, and Physics of Vitalogy so you can experience the Highest Quality of Nutritional Knowledge for your Education, Growth, and Flourishment of You.

“Wait,” says Anna’s Subconscious Mind,” So we’re just running around syphoning nourishment to everyone while they all work?”

“Yes!” I say. “I’m a Grasshopper! I nourish the Ants while they work.”

Knowing how the Subconscious Mind Learns and Works, Anna uses Theater, Stage and Story to teach Natural Laws and Order to Human People so they can start Unconforming from the Rigid Box of Mitchell “The Man” Officials and step back into their True Form with Mother Nature.

How is this related to Mental Health? To protect you from Psychological Abuse. 100% of my work is always backed by Pythagorean Psychology so you know how to Abuse Proof You. The Healing Garden values your Mental Health and the Preservation of your Subconscious Mind. Education cures Mental Illness. Education is the Catalyst of Awareness. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction

Welcome To The Healing Garden

May Warmth and Love always Find you.

I am a Societal Scientist and Solutionist!

I am an Ontological Physicist and a Philosopher Bard with 30+ years in the Ancient Greek Education System!

I am a Teacher/Mentor/Coach for Cultivators.

A Subconscious Mind Teacher and a Business Scientist on a mission to cure the world by hitting the problem at the source : Our Missing Cultivators!

I do this with Theater and Stage so as to teach people that CHANGE IS FUN AND NOT SCARY! So I use my Theater to approach people! 🙂 Because people feel safe with Story and Play and Laughter 🙂

I work with :

Aspiring /Struggling Business Owners who are wanting an Ethical Business Model and/or they are wanting to Upgrade their existing Model into an Ethical Business Model.

I merge Physics, Power Economics, and Pythagorean Psychology into a Business Model. An Ethical Upgrade for the New Ethical Era! Wahoo!

I do this through:

Group Masterclasses ONLY… I do not have time to focus one-on-one. There is one of me and 8 Billion of you. You have to come to me. And I am in my Masterclasses where I can reach the Most People in one shot.

I am the only one in the world with this knowledge and there is a Societal World Crisis going on.

One-On-One Sessions start at $1,000,000 and go up from there. I am the only One in 8 Billion.

Logical Health

Mental Regulation. Not Management. Not Treatment. Use Your Mind as it was meant to be used. With Strategic Knowledge, Mastery, and Discipline. You need a Subconscious Mind Teacher.

Mental Regulation. The Subconscious Mind is Complex. It is built on a Complex Series of Simple Logical Proofs that are Integrated into a Precise Logical Code that the Mind runs on.

Cognitive Dissonance is proportionate to how Organized or Disorganized your Logical Code is.

This is Logical Health.

The more Logical Comprehension you have, the less Pain you have.

First :

Reminder: Words Written reflect the Author’s Perspective World. The Meaning translated by the Reader reflect the Reader’s Perspective World. Logical Contradiction leads to Confusion and Mental Illness, Cognitive Dissonance, and, in some cases, death. Read Responsibly. Read Objectively. Nutritional Education. This Reminder is from The Healing Garden. We value your Mental Health and The Preservation of Your Subconscious Mind. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction

I feel that, in today’s world, people NEED this disclaimer. I invite you to copy/paste it for your articles also if you wish. Please credit the Source.


Get Clarity +> Healthy Logical Health +> Decrease of Cognitive Dissonance +> Less Mental Pain Observation is for Mimic + Mirror + Repetition Response Learning for The Self to apply in Practical Application a Skill for your own Integrated Learning. Scientific Method is the Strategic Analysis of Equation Building and Logical/Mathematical Problem Solving to form a Nature-Based Conclusion on Life-In-Action (Biology). Learn the steps and the process through Example and Observation of Emotional Resolution (NOT Regulation… See the difference?)


The Cognitive Function of “Feeling the Need” to transfer Potential Emotional Energy that results in Discomfort (Then Cognitive Dissonance and then Pain) over into Strategic and Deliberate Action (AKA Kinetic Energy)… This is the Feeling of “Needing to Solve” that so many people mistranslate, ignore, and fail to do.

And thus, Cognitive Dissonance and Emotional Pain.

I started writing this article with severe Discomfort this morning.

As I wrote, strategically using Exploratory Dialogues to Reverse Engineer the pain, I identified the Problem, located the solution, and already am forming the plan into my mind. Next on my agenda? Drafting up the Blue Prints to build and execute “Operation : The Societal Solutionist” Marketing Campaign.

And thus, my pain is gone.

The Pain that was in my chest has now transferred into Cognitive Function into my brain and my Frontal Lobe is cooking with ideas.

We Feel Physics.

When you know the Language of Physics, you can Communicate with Physics.

Physics has its own Language. It speaks. What you need is a Translator, which requires a Physicist and a Psychologist in one.

Oh! You asked me what a Societal Solutionist does…

I have to Process first, Plan, Sculpt the Idea with Words, Name it, Define it with Logic, and then write up the math Formula before I can explain first.



To schedule your People Conversation 🙂 with Anna DM her on LinkedIn or Facebook, and enter her World, explore her Network, and Discover the Resource Box of Goodies she gifts to her People. Come and share Stone Soup with me.

The Healing Garden : Stop Being Life’s Little Bitch.


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This is a thought-provoking perspective on the differences between informational and educational systems. It’s fascinating how the focus on independent learning and ethical principles can empower individuals to navigate life with purpose and resilience. As a digital marketing advisory firm, we understand the importance of fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal growth. It’s inspiring to see initiatives like The Healing Garden paving the way for a higher quality of knowledge and a deeper understanding of our inner selves. Here’s to embracing the journey of self-discovery and nurturing our minds with wisdom that transcends mere information! – View Comment on Linkedin



Anna Imagination and The Healing Garden PROUDLY loves, supports, welcomes, and wants the LGBTQ+ Community, polyamory and Kink lifestyles, non-conformists, and Mermaids.

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