On Teaching, Learning, and Apology

On Teaching, Learning, and Apology

I have learned. This is what “I am sorry” means. It means “I have learned.”

Learning is the Integration of Knowledge into The Self first through Redundant Practice until the Intuition has Learned to copy the skill without conscious Awareness.

The Repetition is continued into refined proficiency until the Conscious Awareness can identify the Intuition and reverse Engineer the Theory and Philosophy behind the actions and then Translate this Comprehension into Simple terms for the Layman to Understand.

The Philosopher can then use the Theory of their Mastery to create something new.

Until the Teacher has learned Mastery of their skill, they are not able to understand the theory deeply enough to communicate it in simple terms.

When presenting Knowledge to a Student Great care must be taken to provide the student with the simple understanding of why they must receive the knowledge.

Theory and reason must be carefully taken to provide to the Student so they know what it is they are supposed to be feeling for while Learning.

Learning is in the repetitious Practice of a skill with the Logical Understanding of how and why the skill is to be practiced. For this reason, an English Teacher must be a Master Writer. A Math Teacher must be a Mastered Logician and Mathematician. A Music Teacher must be a Mastered Musician. A Physicist Teacher must be a Mastered Physicist.

Only in True Education is Mother Nature the Teacher. The Master is just the Guide.

To Learn the Ethics is to Master them until The Ethics become your Law. An Ethics Teacher must be a Mastered Philosopher. A Teacher of Trauma Healing must be a Master of Trauma Healing.

Learning an Ethic looks like this:

And I feel remorse (guilt) for having violated one of my Ethics. And now I am Ethically Bound to comply to my Ethic of preserving others by protecting others from my words.