Operation : DIY Extraction Plan

Extraction is not easy. It is dangerous and, if executed improperly, people die.

If you can get help, do so.

The goal is to educate you on what you are really dealing with, but, you are going to have to decide on a lot and nothing can be guaranteed. Because a Professional cannot sit down and evaluate the individual who has enslaved you, we cannot accurately assess your situation.

We are going to handle your situation as if it is the most difficult and dangerous situation. We are working to get the Hotline in place. For now, we offer you this website if you need someone to talk to.

This is everything we are going to cover with you:


We are in the process of building this…

Anna is in the process of building this course. The writing of it requires her to access 40 years of her past and takes a mental toll. For this reason she asks that, if you are waiting on information, please be patient and understanding as she gets this information to you as quickly as possible. 

We will notify you the moment this next piece is in place. Thank you for your patience.

We anticipate having this complete and fully up and operational by May 2025.