Our Self-Care Department

Welcome to The Healing Garden’s Self-Care Department.

Self-Care is a vital Tool in Self-Regulation. During the 1st Three Ethics, we learn about Self-Care and Safety, Self-Authority and Self-Discovery, and Self-Regulation.

True Balance is obtained with Three Points:

  1. Work toward The Dream in Vulnerability.
  2. Rest to Relish Loved Ones in Safety.
  3. Isolate to Integrate Personal Reflection.

The “Shark Tank” System supports the 80% Work and 20% Rest, which most people use to salvage through more work, the frayed pieces of their Family and Community. The Self receives no attention.

The Healing Garden strategically uses Power Economics to shine the Perspective Lens on a “33-33-33 + Synergy” balance instead of the “80-20-0” imbalance that is fostered in the Shark Tank.

It is common for Patrons who prioritize the “33-33-33 + Synergy” life to leave The Shark Tank System and go on to be Entrepreneurs and Business Owners so they have more control over this Work-Life-Self-Synergy Balance.

We provide Patrons with The Healing Garden Journey Plan and also The Healing Garden’s Self-Care Regimen to ensure you optimum mental wealth integrated with the Science of Human Propagation.

If you wish to receive your The Healing Garden Journey Plan, Contact Anna via Facebook or Linkedin to schedule your Zoom Call.

If you wish to step into The Healing Garden’s Self-Care Department Contact Dawn.

Dawn Heywood

Dawn has been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 4 years. She is certified in Yin Yoga and Somatic Flexibility Technique from Sadie Nardini and her Master Trainer, Karin; Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga Yin Yoga and Adaptive Yoga from My Vinyasa Practice and LifePower Yoga through Lifetime Fitness.

All her life, Dawn struggled with managing her stress and intense emotions. After she incorporated the breathing, meditation, movement and lifestyle techniques that her yoga practice and studies gave her, Dawn’s overall quality of life changed for the better. She was less likely to snap at her family and began to notice when situations started to stress her out.

Dawn’s courses and private classes incorporate all aspects of Yoga Philosophy, history and movement that she has studied and practiced. Dawn’s mission is to provide Patrons with a safe place to explore and practice the yoga tools that you can use to enhance their quality of life.

Visit Dawn’s Yoga and Wellness Online Studio

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