Power Economics

What is Power Economics?

Power Economics is Happy and Ethical Rich Man Economics. Traditional Economics is “Poor Man” Economics, which is why the people who study Traditional Economics stay poor. Done right, Economics is supposed to be the Knowledge that makes you Rich, Prosperous, and Happy.
This is Power Economics. Power Economics merges:
  • Pythagorean Psychology (For Human Behavior and “How the Subconscious Mind Works With People”)
  • Communication and Linguistics (For Networking and Communication)
  • Physics (For Networking and Human Behavior)
  • Sociology and Societal Structures (For Economics and Global Behavioral Movement) 

How I Came To Create Power Economics

In 2015, I had the Entrepreneur’s Gold Mine. Without any work and right out of the gate, I landed an idea that was in such high demand, the people flocked to me. I had the people lined up for my services before I had the business built or branded. I built the business to accommodate their demand.
Without even trying, the Idea stood on its own feet. I didn’t need marketing, messaging or planning. It just happened. And I thought, “So this is how business works!”

LMAO… I had no idea that my first Business Experience was NOT the NORM. 

They came so I built. That is the Power of Network.
In less than one year, my business grew 800%, and I attracted the attention of ProWritingAid.com and Grammerly.com who contacted me for collaborations. Again with NO Marketing.
I thought, “Every business is like this!” 
In 2022, I learned just how lucky I was. When I tried to recreate that success, I couldn’t. This BOTHERED me. Why couldn’t I recreate my success? Because I didn’t know how I did it. But I did have the Right Formula. I just needed to Reverse Engineer it.
This led me to a die-hard agenda that has taken me two years to crack: What is the Business Formula? When I started to ask around, I noticed how many Business Owners kept saying the same thing. “I don’t know, you just gotta figure it out,” and “I just followed my Intuition.”
This is where I put my Physicist Side, my Logician Side, and my Pythagorean Psychology to work. 
I interviewed over 200 people, Startups, Billionaires, Millionaires… Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Business Owners. I worked in Family Owned Businesses, the largest Corporations in the world at the top, and in a Billionaire Family Owned Corporate Business. I watched and diagnosed every Business Problem I encountered. 
NO ONE had a clue HOW they had done it.
Most of them had “Followed their instinct.” None of them had the knowledge in Psychology or Communications Network to nourish their Business with Power Economics. All of them, no matter how successful, had this problem. They did not know “the formula” to “Business Building or Nourishment.” 
When I asked all of them how they had done it, gotten rich, built their business, they all quoted the same information that Traditional Education teaches and Traditional Economics, but…
We have Law in Math that I was too familiar with to believe what the masses believe. When something is Right, then it’s CONSISTENT. If the information in Traditional Economics and Finance and Educational Systems was correct, then we would ALL be RICH and we would ALL know HOW it was done. 
In fact, we are mostly all poor BECAUSE the information they teach is WRONG. Mathematics proves this. Successful Business Owners and the Happily Wealthy had to throw out the Traditional Educational System to become Happily Wealthy. But they still could not tell me HOW they did it. 
This led me to ask, “What is the Right information?” And the things is… I had already done it. “By accident.”
Psychology, Economics, Education are all the SAME subject.
The Subject is PEOPLE. Specifically “How People Connect.” It’s all Physics. Using these three subjects, I invented a Cocktail of Pythagorean Psychology and Nutritional Knowledge on “How People Learn and Connect” and I fused it with Logic and Physics, then I made it COMPATIBLE with the Subconscious Mind so it works with our Natural Mindsets instead of against us, and I simplified the lessons with “Simple Science For Practical Use” and “Problem Prevention!” and “Power Economics.”
When you know how Energy moves and behavior (I call this Energy Behavior) according to Physics, and when you know that Emotions are Energy moved by Force… When you know that Feelings are Forces… You can move so much in the world… The best part? The only Feeling that Moves people… Is Love. If you don’t have Love for them, then people don’t move. Anything else, is a dirty salesman trying to “force” others to move through resistance with fear. The results are “Dirty Business.” Unfortunately, this is 100% what Traditional Education and Traditional Economics teaches and trains Business Owners in. 
Knowing something is sufficient action to do it and to put it into practice. Just Knowing this about Physics and People goes a long way to change the way we interact with each other. When you change your Intent to “Love Without an Agenda,” that is a difference that people FEEL. And People are Humans first and foremost. But it has to be genuine. If there is a drop of Agenda, People can feel that Agenda, no matter how well you mask it.
They say “Awareness is the first step to change.” Mathematicians know that this is wrong because “the first step” is called a Catalyst and all Catalysts are always Invisible. EDUCATION is the first step to change. EDUCATION is the Invisible Catalyst that no one thinks to look at. Because it’s invisible. Your Mind is an ASSET, its value determined by the QUALITY of Information your Mind possesses. 
Increase the quality of your Education and you increase the value of your greatest asset. 
Now that is Smart business. 
May the Kindest of Words always find you, 
Warmest wishes, 
Anna Imagination
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