Right is Ethical… It’s time to start using the right words…

… It’s the only way to start fixing this.


It has been a long time since I’ve been here.

I can’t stop writing. I can’t stop…

Golden Apples… Knowledge…


I have found myself. It was a long journey. It was hard. I know who I am now. All the posts before this one… Many of them I am ashamed of. Many of them reflect the struggles and pains of the Journey.

And so I left them. Because you have to see how hard this is. You have to know how normal the insanity and confusion and pain and delusion is. You have to know that the anger, arrogance, hate, and rage are all part of it. You have to know that all the mistakes… are part of it.

Don’t you dare take my Humanity away from me. Not ever. So I left it. I left all of it to show you how human and normal you are.

Most of them, I called out to… no one and everyone for answers… It took everyone to find me. Every single one of you. Because I am at the Center.

In the Center, there is no Point of Origin. You are the Point of Origin. In the Center, there is no Direction. I felt like I was lost in the Wood… hehe… hehehee…

I speak in Story.


I am Logic, Ethics, Love.

We all are.

I want to say to you, this is what calls to you. This is where you find you. This is where you are.

And we all are being called to our own Center.

But someone had to go first.

I battle with my arrogance and my ego often. I fear still and think, “Is this arrogance?”

But then I hear, “No, Anna. It’s logical. It’s Ethical. You are only speaking Truth… what you feel. What you see. What you are balanced with. It is the not speaking it that hurts you.”

And Love…

Frozen 2 was written for me. It was everything I needed to walk me through all of the stages and to finish my journey and then to teach it to you.

Frozen 2 is the journey.

And it is all literal.

The Power is within.

It is your Power that returns to you when you step into Logic, Ethics, and Love.


Every step of my Journey must be available to you. So you can see how human the journey is. Human is our suffering. The Journey is the Trials proving to Mother Nature that you have earned God. God is our Mastery.

It is not an easy Journey.

But YOU are at the end. And the Journey is you remembering and using the 24 Trials to find yourself.

But so many people don’t know how to learn.

So many people are stuck.

And they need a school so they never get stuck again.

Because we have to remember. We must never forget.

Always Remember. Never Forget.

Was a message for me when I rewrite the code.


Now I know how this looks. And I know what it sounds like, but it is my Truth. And Courage is the First Ethic. Now I use logic and Physics and Math. And if you can disprove my logic and my math and my Physics, then please, do so with Logic, Math, and Physics.

Otherwise, be silent. Observe. Learn. and Question everything you thought you knew.

Because I want magic in this world. And I want to be a mermaid. And the last thing I want or need is anyone else telling me that I can’t because they are too scared to believe.

And when you’re the First, you get to write the Code.

And this code… Is only accessible by the Ethical and the Logical who moves and acts and thinks in Love.

Story is how we will remember.

We will use the Point of View Stepping to remember.


Love is permanent. That’s because it’s a Force. Not an Emotion. It is the strongest Force of all. It is the Power of Healing and Creation itself. And it is only known to the Ethical and Logical.

There can be no other way.


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