Rising From The Bottom

It’s not fair. I know. People who were supposed to be there weren’t. People you were supposed to depend on failed you. People you relied on disappointed you. All you want is for someone to trust. Someone to rely on. Someone who says you can rely them on to carry you.

All you want is for people to do what they say they are going to do.

All you wanted was for the Parents who are supposed to love you as you are to love you as you are. All you wanted was for the Teachers who were supposed to nurture your Education and Learning to prepare you properly for the world, and they didn’t. All you wanted was for the College Education to deliver on what they promised. All you want is for the “True Love” who vowed to love you forever to love you forever.

All you want is for someone to deliver on what they promised.


And when you’re told “No one is coming,” and “You have to save yourself,” it’s a bitter reminder of all the people who promised to “come for you.” Those who “promised to save you.” Those who “promised to help you.”


You just can’t take any more disappointment.

Disappointment. It’s its own kind of Trauma and, of all of the Trauma that’s out there, it is talked about the least.

I remember in Pirates of The Caribbean, “You weren’t there.” She had promised him. He had been there. She wasn’t. It was enough for him, per the myth, to cut out his own heart and turn dark.

There are two ends to this sword and we get stabbed with them both: The side of Disappointment that we were betrayed, and the side of the Suffering of Consequence that you could have avoided easily had you not put your faith or trust in someone who lied and let us down.


So when we’re told, “No one is coming” or “You have to save yourself” the resentment, bitterness, and hate that boils up goes overlooked and dismissed. Oh, we save ourselves, but we do so angry, hateful, and with resentment while we think obsessively about how none of this would have been needed had that one person done what they said they would do.

Disappointment can be so bitter that we fall into a Mindset that precedes vengeance.

Sometimes we just trust the wrong people and we gamble, staking everything we have and are on this one person and they drop us so hard that we fall into places of life that we think we cannot climb out of.

We finally learn, “I can only trust myself,” but our resources by then are so depleted how can we possibly rise again?

This is where I lived for nearly three years of my life. I was homeless. I had nothing. I had lost my children, my cat, my possessions, my home, my garden… All I had was a slave name. So I changed my name. Then I had a new name. Ironically, I then became someone else.

Inside the Mind is everything you have to succeed. What you have is experience. What you have is Knowledge from your experiences. What you have is the potential to use the Mind you have to rise again. And what you have is me. What you have is Triadic Healing. What you have is this Course that will walk you through the Skill of Learning so you can overcome your Mind and put it to work for you.

They say, “Make your money work for you.” They lied. This is wrong. Resources and Money do not work for you. Your MIND is what works for you, and you do have that. Your Mind is what works for you once you know how to use it. We are not taught this. Not until now.

What you have is the ability to rise from nothing.

And the best part, Love comes from Nothing. Physics says so. Love for something better, Love for something different, Love for Happiness is all you need to get started.

I’m not promising you that it will be easy. I am promising you that this is a Skill that requires knowledge and practice, and I have that information right here for you.

This point in your life is not “The Book.” It is a Chapter. This part of your life is not “Your Story.” It is a Chapter. This Chapter is called, “How you overcame that really shitty Chapter and got through it just as you thought you had nothing else to lose.” Sometimes, it is a long-ass chapter. But all you need is the right knowledge and the Desire and Love to have better and do better. The Human Being is REMARKABLE. With those two things, you can do anything.

Let’s get you started.

First, How to train you on how your Mind really works.

And if you’re skeptical, this is Pythagoras’ Psychology. Not Freud’s Psychology. This is the GOOD shit.

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