Role of Purpose

The Role you desire in your Purpose is vital in telling you what kind of “work” you want to do, how you want to contribute to the world, and how far you want to take your Dream and Vision. It tells you which Skills to build.

There is no limits as to how much or how little of these four options you can choose. It is common to have 2 or 3 roles that are your Primary passion with a Minor Third. It is highly acceptable to want to master skills in all four roles.

As always, follow your Intuition.


The Foundational loves to get their hands dirty. They work with The people. A Chef is a great example of a Foundational, Master/Philosopher Skill level Artist/Scientist. They are Construction Workers, Builders, This is where people Do and Get it done. Mother Theresa, Gordon Ramsey, and Ghandi are great examples of the Foundational.


These are the Communicators of the World. Parents, Healers, and Teachers. These are the people who seek to nurture others. They bridged the gap between Foundational and Visionary. They bridge the gap between Artist and Scientist. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, Networkers also fall into this category.


The Visionary is The Engineer. The Inventor. The Designer. They are the ones who design blu prints, plan Solutions, and Dream up more for our World as we know it. They are Idea Generators.


These are the people who change the world as we know it. They push the boundaries of the accepted norm. Pioneers are Visionaries. Some Visionaries are not Pioneers. The Pioneer invents something that redefines Reality. Tesla was a Pioneer. Steve Jobs and Frank Lloyd Wright were Pioneers.


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