Sit With Me In The Garden

How are you doing?

This… All of this… is what I needed. It is what I wanted when I sought my healing. I didn’t want Medical Offices and stiff professionals who had been groomed by books. I just came from stiff and overly groomed, cold and mechanical lifestyle where everything was fake. Everything was so fake like stainless steel and white walls… What greeted me in the Healing World was more stiff, overly groomed, cold and mechanical people. I wanted PEOPLE. I wanted ART. I wanted LIFE. I wanted… REAL. And the Professionals were oblivious to how cold and stiff and overly groomed, cold and mechanical they also were.

I felt like, “If you knew how to be Happy Healthy People, then why weren’t you Happy, Healthy People?” They were just as miserable as I. And I thought, “If you have Masters degrees in Human Behavior, then why were you acting like all the people who had no education in Human Behavior?”

People were never meant to be Machines hooked up to an Assembly Line, farmed for their Resources until they exist as dry husks that shrivel up and die.

We are Art. People are Art.

I wanted something Real.


Sit. Take a deep breath. Hold. Release.

Some people cry in this space. As they realize “It’s over.” You made it.

Anger is normal. Screaming. Crying… Allow it. The 10th Ethic is Emotional Fluidity.

There are three Spaces of Healing-Learning-Growth. I call this The Prosperity Space.

A time to Rest. A time to Think. A Time to Explore.

This space is for Rest and Thinking.


When I said The Healing Garden is on the Front Lines of Reformation, in Truth, we are The Reformation. I attended 20 Think Tanks between 2022 and 2024. Not one original idea. Not one thought that NIMH, the CDC, and WHO have not already thought about before.

Not. One.

Meanwhile, I had this sitting in the forefront of my mind. And no one would listen. Everyone just wanted to talk or brainstorm. That’s all they know how to do it. So I built while they talked.

Sometimes, you just have to go your own way and Do. And eventually, they will look up from their Think Tanks and realize that the thing they were trying to do is already being done and they’ve missed the boat.

So here you are.


Deep breath in. Hold. Release and imagine all of the toxicity leaving you as you exhale.

When Art and Creation is treated like a Cog in a Machine designed to Farm them for their resources, it kills the soul via a slow death. Here, we unplug you from that machine.

Human Beings are Art that can either live as a Destroyer or a Creator.

Our Society is The Destroyer.

The Healing Garden nurtures The Creator.

A Human Person has to choose to be a Destroyers or a Creators. But they have to be taught how. And no one is teaching us how. That is our Mission.


Deep breath in. Hold. Release.

Give yourself time to think. Give yourself the space to process this. You have many choices now ahead of you and I walk you through every step of the process.

The Order of Operations is required for your Healing. The Order of Operations is a Formula containing the Correct and Relevant Information, in the Right Order, starting with the Correct Catalyst. This is Chain Reaction Science. And we walk you through the full Chain Reaction in the Right Order so you can “get back on track” with your life.

Then we teach you how to steer your train, how to lay the track, and how to make the choices you need wisely so you can execute and get what it is you need for you.

We believe in Do-It-Yourself Healing and Self-Teaching with Nutritional Knowledge so you Empower You, turning you into a Free and Independent Individual.


Deep breath in. Hold. Release.

We start you off with “Trial and Error” Learning, Order of Operations Learning, and then we show you The Full Picture so you understand where you have been all your life, what has been going on, and why things are the way they are.

What we give you is Perspective.

Welcome to The Healing Garden.

If you ever need any help, reach out to me. I am always available for a “Strategy Call” on Zoom that does not at all contain Sales Pitches. What we give you there is your Custom Healing Journey Plan. Even if you just want to meet me face-to-face and say hello, I am here.



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