Synchronized Hopeless

What you don’t know is that, when you work in Psychology, you all come into my office and you speak.

I see Imaginations ignite. I see dreams and fantasy and hope for futures enfold.

And then, when every single one of you dreams too big, I see each of you shut down like a robot. And every one of you begins to say the EXACT. SAME. THING. Like a Script.

And I thought, “How can these people who are strangers to each other have the same script?”

And the trigger is the same…

Dreams, Hope, Imagination, Fantasy.
The stuff of Identity and Story.
Dream to big… and POOF… The Self-Doubt and “Can’t Do” begins.

I know Subconscious Mind.
I know Classical Conditioning when I see it.

I know Societal Programming.

“How?” I asked.

And the programming was not limited to race. It was not limited to regions.


How does a world of almost 8 Billion people all sound the same? Who started it? What did they all have in Common?



Who had access to Alexandria, Philosophy, Logic, Psychology, Sociology… How else do you think Alexander the Great was able to pull off what he did at 18 years old?

He was a student of Aristotle, who was a student of Plato… And so it was that I studied The Imperialization of a Psyche through Perspective Warfare with which to ensure the rise and continued success of your Society and Empire.

“How to Imperialize the Mind of A People to guarantee their continued cooperation and loyalty For Ever… in 12 easy steps.”

And it worked. They Weaponized the lost Subject of Alexandria against their own people : The Philosophy and Psychology of Perspective, Imagination, and Story.

So when I say, “Perspective Warfare…” I mean it. And when I tell you that you are a slave, ask me, and I will show you all the ways that you still dance to Rome. Every one of us.

And I know how to get free.

About the Author: Anna (admin) Conley