The 12 Ethics For Your Healing Journey

I do not water things down. I am not for everyone. I speak plainly from the perspective most people avoid because it requires Truth and Honest, Vulnerable Transparency.

I do not help people lie to themselves.

I know better.

You walk into The Healing Garden and all Masks and Lies come down. If you are not able to handle that, you need to not be here. Healing is about ending the Lies we tell ourselves. And anyone who does not tell you this plainly is enabling your Mental Illness.

I know better.

I do not have “bedside” manner because Liars and Frauds use Bedside manner to enable others under false pretenses. Then how do you know they are being honest with you if their bedside manner masks their true intentions?

People who are nice are lying to you. People who have truth don’t need to be “nice” for they stand on truth. I only engage with others on Equal Footing where you stand as my Equal. I will not pick you up. But I will never push you down.

If you can’t handle cold, blunt truth, then I am not for you. You were raised and born in a society where Authority Lies to you. And they use Marketing and Bedside manner to do it.

I will not pick you up. But I will never push you down.

This is your first Challenge. Have the Courage to stand up and meet with me on Equal Ground so we can meet each other face to face. This is Self-Authority.


Misery and Problems, Trauma and Mental Illness are a metric of how skilled you are or are not in the Problem Solving Skill.

People who have Mastered the Skill of Problem Solving don’t have problems. They have minute “hiccups” because they know how to foresee problems and obstacles long before they arrive, and they know how to divert their Life Journey around them to avoid them.

Any one who tells you otherwise is either dangerously ignorant or is lying to you for profit and power.


Our mission is to teach you the Problem Solving Skills that your Society did not teach you.

I strongly urge you to wonder why they did not teach you The Life Skill of Problem Solving. Were they that stupid or that malicious? Only you can decide.

I do not help people lie to themselves. That is not why you are here. You want to heal? Then you have to know the Truth. Truth is easy to know if you Know Logic. Logic is Truth. And I am the world’s leading Logician and Expert. Which is why I know the Power of Equal Footing and also, the dangers of “being nice.” Because too many people who have been lied to have learned not to trust “nice.” And you shouldn’t.

Read “Not Nice” by Dr. Aziz Gazipura.

The more you master Problem Solving, the more your Mental Health consequentially straightens itself out.

True Resistance is a refusal to learn.


Healing is a lie.

It’s a misnomer. Society throws the word around without a clue about what it is. I am an Expert and the Leading Authority on Healing, Trauma Recovery, and Pythagorean Psychology.

Therapists disable through enabling. They mean well, but cause more damage than good. I call that Dangerously Ignorant, and as you learn Pythagorean Psychology their ignorance and lack of Psychological Education becomes very VISIBLE.

DIY Healing is really the only answer because 100% of all Mental Illness is a failure to save The Self.

The only Cure or Resolution to Mental Illness is:

  1. Choosing to Learn the Right Information
  2. Practicing the Life Skills you were not taught
  3. Choosing to do this Alone

If you cannot do that, I cannot help you. In fact, No one can. But others will lie to you about their limitations and ignorance. We call that the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

“No one is coming.” – Dr. Nathaniel Branden Leading Psychologist of Self Esteem

Read Dr. Nathaniel Branden’s book The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem.

I just point the way for you. Where there is “no way” because it does not exist in our society, I teach it myself to you. But you do the work. Not me. The 12 Ethics are the Stepping Stones. If you’re subscribed to The 12 Ethics Email Challenge, then you are already on the right path. Read the Email every day. If you are not, Subscribe.

Triadic Healing uses Pythagorean Psychology and ONLY The Healing Garden has it.

The Healing Formula is:

[Suffering + Pain] + ROI (Anticipated Reward) > Risk of Loss + Work to Change = Healing

If you do not match up to that Formula, you will not change. You will not heal. Math says so. People who don’t change, people who quit, people who sit in prolonged suffering do not match to that Formula.

  1. The Healing Garden has the Right Information you need
  2. The Healing Garden has the Masters to teach you the Life Skills you need
  3. The Healing Garden offers this all in a DIY Course including all the resources you need to succeed

But… You must,

  1. Choose to Learn the Right Information
  2. Practice the Life Skills you were not taught
  3. Choose to do this Alone

And… you must,

[Suffering + Pain] + ROI (Anticipated Reward) > Risk of Loss + Work to Change = Healing

If you can do that, then… Triadic Healing is for you.

If you can’t, you’re not ready. You literally need to suffer more. And that is why some people change, and some people don’t.

Get Started

Ready to get started? Here is what you need:

We live in a “Get Smart Quick” Society and it’s bull shit. Hence all the Mental Illness.

There are no short cuts. Short-Cut Living causes Mental Illness… because you’re not learning. LEARN. THE RIGHT WAY. This is the only way.

There are no Short Cuts. There are no “digestible tips.” There is no “Easy Version.”

The Skills “Making Time” and “Prioritizing” are taught here.

“Easy” has to be EARNED through The grueling and tedious Mastery of Skills. Accept that and you’ll do fine. Embrace the Warrior. Roll up your sleeves and DO it.

Learning is done only through…

  • Theory (Triadic Healing)
  • Discussion (Membership, The Convention and Summit)
  • Technique (Skill Building and Learning)
  • Application (Skill Building and Learning)
  • Role Model (Membership, The Convention and Summit)

Triadic Healing is Pre-requisitional. Each Level unlocks the next level.

Triadic Healing Part Deconstruction is where you need to begin.

Triadic Healing Part #1 is for those who have completed Deconstruction.


You can DIY this with Monthly Instruction and Q&A through The Healing Garden Membership

You can DIY this with Community at The Healing Garden’s Healing Convention and Summit