The Artist

Ah! The Artist!

When one seeks to better understand themselves, one of the most helpful subjects I discovered was the Artist, The Communicator, The Scientist.

In this group is also “The Philosopher,” which is for those who can equally Identify with all Three of these things.

There is no “one” answer. And balanced life is being skilled enough and aware enough to move and flow between all three of these Mindsets as needed.

The Artist is Self-Expression. You are tuned in to your Intuition and you flow easily with Translating Feeling and Emotion into Image into Art. It is almost as if you need no words.

The Artist is the Foundation to The Communicator and The Scientist. When an Artists reaches Trademen Level of Skill Building, they step into the world of Communicator. The Master Artist steps into The Science of Art.

Music, Song, and Dance are the closest to our Intuition (which is why Humans start with Music, Song, and Dance in early childhood).

Painting, Sculpting, and Drawing  introduces a more complex path of Translation occurring in the Mind that expands to Translation what you see into what you can create in front of you.

Reading, Writing, Theater, and Stage bridges the Artist into Communication where Self-Expression turns strongly into Transmission to Others, which lays a strong Foundation for Linguistics, Logic, and Math.

Knowing that you are an Artist in your Growth and Pilgrimage tells you a lot on how you “See the world” or how you require things to be translated so that you can understand them. It has everything to do with how you learn.

I am a Scientist and a Communicator, so, for me, in order to learn, I require the Theory and the Logic. But for my Daughter who is an Artist, she has to see it as a Creator. In order for me to communicate with her or teach her, I have to translate my lessons from Logic and Theory into Creation. She still uses Math, Logic, and Science, but she applies them to Art to understand and learn them.

Knowing who you are and how you process information plays a huge role in how you connect with the world, how you want to contribute to the world, and how you receive others.

Skill Building and Role of Purpose are the other two components that are key to how you learn, how you heal, and how you build your Healing Journey.

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