The Collision of Worlds: The Abstract World vs. The Material World

One of the things I thought deeply on last night was “Fantasia.” It is something that has been on my mind for a while and, on this, I can no longer say nothing. Fantasia is a vast part of Mental Health and The Subconscious Mind. It is the Language of The Subconscious Mind. It is The Subconscious Mind.

And 90% of the people on the planet are intolerant of it.

People who live in the Material Plane, Literal and Concrete Thinkers, cannot access Fantasia… Yet. They do not see it. They do not feel it. They do not understand it.

They were not trained to recognize it.

To help them understand it, they categorized Fantasia into 3 sections:

  • Children’s Make-Believe, which is “allowed” until about 10 years old.
  • Story Books and Movies/Theater and Stage
  • Role Playing and Games, RPG’s

Outside of those areas, Fantasia is simply “not allowed.”

Fantasia begins in people who have an IQ between 120 – 160+. By 180, Fantasia is off the charts. The higher your IQ, the more Fantasia seeps into the Material Plane until you cross over.

Fantasia begins in people who are 6th Perspectives (6th Level of Consciousness). By 10th Perspective (10th Level of Consciousness), Fantasy is off the charts.

The average IQ is 100.

The average Perspective is the 4th Perspective (4th Level of Consciousness).

Our Culture is intolerant of Fantasia.

The Problem is a LOT of people are starting to find Fantasia, and, because we have been taught “what is and is not real,” intellects and intelligent people are think Fantasia is “Insanity” and they become terrified of their own minds… CREATING, in most cases, Mental Illnesses.

There are no words to explain what you see in Fantasia. I had to invent a Language just to understand Fantasia so I could write this article. I spent the last two years writing the Language (I call it Abstractic) just so people could understand the World within The Abstract and Fantasia.

The majority of “Mentally Ill” people are invalidated.

They were taught that their Voices don’t matter (are not Real).

They were taught that their Opinions and Perspectives don’t matter (are not Real).

They were taught that their Fantasia is not Real.

How “sane” do you think a Person can be after having their Voices invalidated, their Opinions and Perspectives invalidated, their Feelings and Emotions invalidated, and now their Fantasia invalidated?

How “sane” do you think a Human Being can be after being told, in essence, that “You are Fiction?”

The Invalidation is what causes the “Mental Illness,” which, in itself IS an Invalidation of Sanity.

“Diagnoses” is an Invalidation of Sanity.

And, so far, 100% of my research has confirmed that all Mentally Ill people are geniuses/highly intelligent people who were regularly invalidated by people with much lower IQ’s.

I’m still trying to find a nicer way of saying that, but I will not sacrifice communication to preserve the ego of another. Nor should anyone else because without error we don’t learn or grow. Too many people stop their own growth to preserve “niceties” at the expense of their own Mental Health.

When a less educated person does not understand a higher educated person, the lower educated person, instead of learning, judges and/or accuses the higher educated person. I strongly believe that “Diagnoses” is another form of category, labelling, and judgement that really must end. Another article for another time.

By the time the “Mentally Ill” individual arrives in therapy, they’ve already been conditioned to believe by their abusers that they are crazy and stupid… And when they can see Fantasia, the individual turns on their Self because the lower IQ people told them what is and isn’t real… what does or doesn’t matter.

Schizophrenia is a passion of mine. I have been studying this for nearly a decade after going through it, and coming out of it, myself. Metaphysical Transformation is what I call it.

One individual I am observing at this time has been diagnosed ONLY with Schizophrenia. He has no violence, no aggression, no danger… He is greatly misunderstood by those around him. I use him as my “Control Group.” When I look at all other cases that I am and have studied, I can see Narcissism, Addiction, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, and Fear of the Self and Fantasia, which leads to Panic all separate from Fantasia/Schizophrenia.

But in this one Individual, he has no Fear of his Fantasia and he has learned how to co-exist with it beautifully.

Meanwhile, the 4th Perspectives of the World, remain confused, unaware, and oblivious to Fantasia.

Reality. Matter.

These are words of Physics and Ontology.

Ontology is the Metaphysical (Philosophical) study of Reality.

And many uneducated people throw the words around so carelessly, having no understanding of Fantasia.

When we say, “It’s not real” what we are really saying is “It does not matter,” which actually means, “It is not Matter.” We are saying, “That is not relevant.” And Logic and Mathematics has a lot to say on the relevancy and relatability of any given subject.

This brings up another article I must write on how Skeptics are the only ones who use the language “Utopists,” “Idealists,” Realists,” and “Optimist.” I find that those words are quite derogatory, accusatory, and judgmental. A projection of their own unresolved insecurities? Perhaps. Another article. Another time.

And when Reality is based on the 5 Elements of the Cognitive Core inside the Subconscious Mind… All Realities are very real. All of Fantasia is very Real. Because Reality is 100% subjective to The Subconscious Mind who (yes, “who”) invents each and every 8 Billion+ Realities on this planet.

Make peace with your Fantasia. It’s really the Subconscious Mind we are invalidating. Mind and respect the Fantasia of Others. It’s our World too.

About Anna

Anna Imagination is a Story Book Character, Ontological Physicist, and Philosopher Bard who does Public Speaking, Seminars, Talks, Lectures, and Masterclasses on Mental Health, The New Age of Mental Health, and Trauma Recovery. She is the Founder of The Healing Garden and PANDO: The Healing Engine, and she works extensively on The Healing Reformation and in Societal Research with The Radical Global Healing Plan. She is Inventor of The Prosthetic Subconscious Mind (The AIDNS), The Philosopher’s Compass, and Triadic Healing. She is the Ambassador of The Abstract and is inventor of the Language Abstractic to help those who struggle with Mental Illness express themselves to Professionals.

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