The Communicator

The Communicator, also known as The Cultivator, is the bridge that is often missed between The Artist and The Scientist.

I will be blunt. The world has grossly neglected the Communicator. Most of us are governed by Social Anxiety. Introverts struggle opening their Voices. We live in a Talking-Intolerant Culture and Social Media is where many people go to vent their unheard, silenced Voices.

To not be able to Communicate effectively in our culture is to be deemed “Insane.”

Teachers, Healers, Parents, Business Owners, Conflict Resolution, Ambassadors, Spokespersons, Networking, Theater and Stage, Linguists, Logicians, Readers, Writers, and Mathematicians all are Communicators and Cultivators.

Power Economics and Emotional Transaction of Human Circuitry is the Core Ship and Engine required by Communicators and Cultivators to accomplish their purpose.

Knowing who you are and how you process information plays a huge role in how you connect with the world, how you want to contribute to the world, and how you receive others.

For Communicators, it is all about taking Information from Point A (A Transmitter and/or Yourself) to Point B (A Receiver and/or A Student). Translation, Language, Human Connection… all of these things integrate into a dance that enables the Receiver to Receive smoothly and with ease.

Regardless of what you are, regardless of Skill Building and Role of Purpose, everyone plays the role of Communicator. The only one exempt from this are hermits. I often say, it doesn’t matter how smart you are or what knowledge or ideas you may have. If you cannot communicate your idea effectively from Point A to Point B, then your idea dies with you.

For this reason, The Science of Comprehension is one we heavily focus on in Triadic Healing.

Skill Building and Role of Purpose are the other two components that are key to how you learn, how you heal, and how you build your Healing Journey.

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