The Door To Alice’s Rabbit Hole


I am Anna Imagination.

I am an Ontological Physicist, a Philosopher Bard, and a Societal Solutionist.

I am a direct consequence of my Education. I am the summation of all of my Knowledge.

As are you.

We all are.

The Core Lessons are the ones I received at a very early age. Only, I did not know that these Core Lessons were not being learned by everyone else. It would take me decades to realize just how rare and unusual my Education is.


To understand the Core Lessons, you must understand first, how and what an Educational System does and is for. And Where it comes from and why.


An Educational System is built by Governments with an Agenda to condition the People to serve a System or a Country.


That an Educational System is the Summation of its Creator’s Agenda.


The Creators of my Educational System had a very different Agenda than yours. Mine was built by Philosophers with a different Agenda. Their agenda was to “turn on” the Subconscious Mind and Nurture The Defined Self for Optimum Mental Wealth.

As a result, my Mind works differently than all others. This is how I found the Core Lessons.


My Educational System is from the Ancient Greek Educational System. Yours is from the Dark Ages. 1088 CE to be exact.

Logic, Truth, and The Defined Self was the Agenda of the Ancient Greeks. To maximize and train the Subconscious Mind in Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification. This is what I was taught.

The Ancient Greeks taught the Mind to be a Genius.

This knowledge was lost in 4th Century. And in 1088 CE, the Education was poorly “revived.” But the Educational System was broken. A fragment of what it was. And the Art and Science of Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification was lost.

Education is not present in our Culture. Learning is not present in our Culture. Memorization and Obedience, Classical Conditioning for the purpose of Submission and servitude are.

That is what you were trained in: Memorization, Obedience, Classical Conditioning, and Submission.

Nothing Else.

This is why most people think that life is hard.

Life is not at all hard when you have the right Education.


As I walk you through the Course, and I break down for you what exactly the Mind is for and what it can do, Your Subconscious Mind will TURN ON like a sleeping machine that just woke up.

And then… you will see just what your Mind REALLY can do.

The Core Lessons are

  1. Ethical IQ and Ethical Education
  2. Prosperity and Wealth
  3. Parenting and Connections and Relationships
  4. Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification
  5. Human Circuitry and Power Economics
  6. The User Manual of Your Subconscious Mind
  7. Problem Prevention
  8. Abuse Proofing You
  9. Pythagorean Psychology
  10. Emotional Transactions and Human Connection
  11. Your Learning Journey of The Discovered Self

Now you may be thinking, “That is a lot.”

Except… You don’t know how the Subconscious Mind works.

100% of your Experience and Understanding comes from a System of Memorization and Obedience.

But what if I told you that that is not learning at all? That, until now, you have not at all been learning The way your Subconscious Mind was supposed to learn.

That what your Mind has been subjected to is and was abusive Assault.

Hence the Mental Health Crisis.

And that, when you Learn the Right way, you learn everything so much easier, faster, and enjoyably, the way your Subconscious Mind was designed to learn.

Common Sense is Logical Deduction executed at the Speed of Synapses.

TRUE EDUCATION is not Memorizing information or Conditioning it with a barrage of data.

It’s training your Subconscious Mind to execute highly complex Logical Deductions so quickly that you will “just know” Physics. Medicine. Biology. Chemistry. Astronomy.

Those Academic Disciplines become Common Sense as Consequences to Learning.

And that, people with “ADHD” or “Neurodivergents” are the people whose minds are TRYING to do Radical Disruption and Mental Diversification without the Training.

What does this mean for you?

  • It means never having another Problem again for the rest of your life.
  • It means getting exactly what you want no matter what every time.
  • It means you being able to see every Lie told to you at all times.

What do you have to do? How do you do it? What will it cost you?

The Triadic Healing Courses are Free.

What do you have to do?

Choose to Learn. Choose to prioritize this. Choose to lend your Mind to “The Radical Global Healing Plan” so we can save the World.

What will it cost you?

  • You will have to say goodbye to your Pain, Suffering, and Mental Illness.
  • You will have to give up your Ignorance.
  • You will have to give up the Societal Delusion that you can’t see at the moment.

What do I do to get started?

Our Learning and Training is Tiered.

Tier #1 is basic “Attendance” and Practical Practiced Participation In Real life (No Risk. HIGH ROI)

Tier #2 is Joining the Discussions and Masterclasses. Literally… Mental Weight Lifting (Low Risk. HIGHER ROI)

Tier #3 is getting the full immersive Experience to Transform your Business and Life (Medium to High Risk. HIGHEST ROI)



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