The Emperor Is Naked #2

The Healing Garden only practices Empowering Education for your Independence + your Self-Authority so you can always spot a Fake Authority + Nutritional Knowledge so you know HOW to Solve your problem +> The Problem Solved.



Think about it… The PROCESS is Networking, Human Connection, and Solving THEIR problems, but the Salesman only focuses on THE SALE… which is why it is called “SALES.” Thus Sales = Cheats.

Because if he was genuine about wanting to help it would be called “Ethical Solutions,” which is what I call it. Because THAT is what it IS.

100% of what I teach always comes with your Education to EMPOWER your Self-Authority so that you don’t need the Teacher anymore. You will always learn the Knowledge you need + The Theory so you don’t need a second lesson from me, ever! Independence + Self-Authority + Nutritional Knowledge = The Healing Garden Educational System

Never trust a Teacher who can’t teach you how to become independent of them. Anything less than that is “feeding a man fish” to ensure they come back to you the next day to eat.

Then the Fisherman partners up with the Medicine Man who poisons the fish, so the fish makes you sick, so you bring business to the Medicine Man who gives a cut to the Fisherman…

Knowing the Psychology of Abusers ABUSE PROOFS YOU!

(Why aren’t WE taught Psychology in schools?)
(Why aren’t WE taught Critical Thinking, Logic, or Problem Solving in Schools?)

Why can’t the Government who oversees the US Government Educational Systems provide us with a Stable and Healthy Economy? Are they qualified to teach us Economics if they can’t even provide a Stable Economy without a shrinking middle class?

The Healing Garden’s PANDO Network is designed to teach Ethical Leaders how to conduct Ethical Business to preserve the Mental Health of their Patrons WHILE we educate EVERYONE how to spot the Unethics of Abusers.

The Healing Garden : Ethically Fight Back with Wisdom and Nutritional Knowledge

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