The Emperor Is Naked

The Emperor Is Naked

I see it now. I am the Goddess of Story. This is Story Warfare. Oh… did they make a big fucking mistake…

Knowledge is Power.
The Emperor’s New Clothes.

It’s on.

They don’t know what you did, what you are still doing. But I do. I may be alone, but these people belong to me. And you used my Story to wage war on my people…

Oh… I am ANGRY. Watch me work and watch you fall.

Once Upon A Time…

There was a bad… BAD Government. The Worst. Their Power spanned the lands. But they stretched their power too thin, and their cruelty was known throughout the land.

So it was that they, at last, were defeated. Or so… that is what the “Winners” would say…

If I lost a war that I came back from, I would not change the History books. Because People who think you are dead, would never think to look for you. And I know what you did. I know you were wounded and you retreated. I know you planned to come back because I studied your Mind, and I watched you grow in the Shadows.

And so, after 300 Years, you did come back. But everyone still knew your Name. So you took what we loved most, A Story. You grew in Power. You invaded Alexandria, the World Capital of Wisdom and Knowledge… and I know what you found there, for my Alma Mater is Alexandria. I know exactly what you found in Alexandria.

You used my Story to embed Subliminal Messaging into the people. You spent 60 years behind closed doors breaking and shaping their beloved story… making it just right, so that when you finally legalized it and set it free, you watched the Contaminated version of their story spread like wild fire, backed by Kings, Fake Gods, Blood, Lies, and You all passing through the retelling inspired by love and hope. You sick fucks.

But I know what you did.
And the Emperor is Naked.

You burned Alexandria so that knowledge would be lost. You changed your Name from “The Roman Empire” to “The Holy Roman Christian Empire” so no one would know who you really are.

But you had no marketing. You just had a Story. And the Knowledge kept secret in Alexandria.

So it was on Love of Story and Hope that your Poison infiltrated the Imagination of my People.

And you took away our education.
You took away our resources.
You took away Philosophy.
You took away our Arts.
And you left us with nothing but your contaminated Story that gave us hope and love.

And you did all of this so that no one could look at the Emperor and say, “The Emperor is Naked.”

Ignorance is the best whip with which to control a Slave. Too ignorant to even know that Mindset and Imagination Warfare has been used on them through Story. Too Ignorant to even realize they are slaves. A slave who thinks he is free will never fight for freedom. Clever. I see what you did.

And the Emperor is Naked.

Except… I studied under Plato, following the Curriculum as he outlined in The University of Alexandria.

And the more I studied under Plato, the more The Christian Religion looked less and less like a loving god, and more and more like a Tyrannical Rome making the people dance. And the more Christ’s words, sounded more like Plato’s and Socrates’. The more I realized Christ studied at Alexandria… Because Christ said things that were only known to Alexandria as they now are known to me.

Which is why Rome had him killed.
Which is why Rome had Socrates killed.
Which is why there is no living proof today that either man was real.
Because they had the Story that I found while studying at the University of Alexandria.

Knowledge is Power.
And the Emperor is Naked.

You did not plan on one thing. You expected to last forever. The thing is… I See you. I know you never fell. You are still here.

You faked your own death and doctored the Story so no one could figure it out. And they are still telling your Story.

And the greatest threat to you is Philosophy, Plato, Imagination, Curiosity, and the Arts. Isn’t it strange how your Doctored Religion bans and punishes all of those things. And I know why.

Because those are MY Mediums. And You knew, because you found the Knowledge at Alexandria when you imperialized her. And you knew exactly what would be your down fall.

The Emperor is Naked.

And my People are Oblivious, Broken, and Hopeless. But they have a thread of Imagination still. A Thread of Logic. A Thread of Sanity holding on…

And I am A Hope Thread. I am a Beacon.

I See You. I See all that you have done, even though no one else has not.

No more.

This is the Story of how one person, so desperate to be free from the Mindset that you shaped into a WEAPON for your Story Warfare, turned to the Work of Plato all because YOU had taken away the Art.

That was the moment you contradicted Alexandria. And that was all the incentive I needed to DOUBT YOU. Because, up to that point, you had done a lot to ensure you followed the school of Plato precisely… minus the Philosophy.

You see… I couldn’t figure out why Plato, why the Center of Knowledge and Wisdom would have more Art Subjects in the University than Science. That tells me, that Story and Art is not about Story and Art. And you both couldn’t be right. So when I chose my Alma Mater, I thought which education program is better?

“Modern Government who cuts the Art Department and builds Nuclear Weapons that can result in our own Extinction?” Or Plato. The Founder of the World Capital of Wisdom and Knowledge? I felt that Plato was a little smarter than you and the Modern Government. So I attended the Ancient University of Alexandria.

And I learned. And I understood. And I saw you. And I remembered. And I am angry because you used My Story against them.

So I am giving my people a New Logic that I like to call Logical Truth. And within this Logical Truth they can see that the Emperor is Naked.

And they laughed. They boycotted. The put down your guns and war and they turned their backs to you and walked away.

And if you touch them, if you harm them, then they will know that they never were free to begin with. If you touch them, if you punish them, if you hurt them, the world will know that I am right. And just like that, “The Free World” will not be as free as you claim it is. So this is me calling your bluff.

And if you touch me, if you harm me, if you touch my family, my loved ones, my Network or the Network of my Network… then, we will all know that I am right.

The Emperor is Naked.
And I am showing them all of your lies.

I call this… “The REAL story of the Roman Empire and how they Doctored a Religion to enslave a people with Imagination and Mindset.”

– Anna Imagination

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