The Garden’s Respite Center

Welcome to The Healing Garden.

I am Anna Imagination. You can learn more about me here. Google my pen name “Angela B. Chrysler” and you can see much of the work I did in 2015 with Brain to Books and The Cyber Convention. I used to be a mini-celebrity among my People.

The Healing Garden is the space reserved for those in need of rest, respite, direction, or comfort.

My story and who I am is the reason why The Healing Garden was built. Like so many people, my Trauma was extensive and I believed there was no hope. I was labelled “incurable” and was toggling suicide.

I am a freed Domesticated Slave who was “raised” in a White Supremacist Community and had no idea that I was living in a White Supremacist Community. Their abuse warped my mind into something that reminded them of what they did to me and so they abused me more and then hid me. It took me 40 years to escape because I had no idea that I was a slave despite having four Owners. Despite living all my life without Freedom, Choice, or Authority, I had believed I was Free, because my Owners assured me I was.

When I got out, I realized very quickly how bad my Mind had been warped and, in 2022, I found out that my situation had been much worse than I thought.

It would take me nearly two more years to learn the “outside culture” and learn the language so I could communicate with others. To keep me safe, My Mind escaped into The Abstract and that is where I lived for 32 years, from 1988 to 2023. My language, my knowledge, my education, my culture is all very different from anything else ever seen before. It comes from The Abstract.

And I did little else since 2022, but put together the collection of everything I have learned within the Abstract so I can bring it to those who need it as much as I.

For those who wish to know more about me, I detail my past, my abuse, my healing in Broken and in Breaking Delusion.

In 2022, I had a vision of a Business, The Healing Garden, Alexandria, and The Pando, Three Businesses, all centered around The Alma Mater, a beating heart that serves the People, and I immediately set to work building her. She was 3 Businesses in 3 parts plus a Playground. In April 2024, I put the last changes in place and The Healing Garden was complete.


Mental Illness is just a Mindset that is incompatible with The Self and Mother Nature. Our Philosophy is backed by Logic, Math, and Science, and we have never-seen-before techniques that help you get Your Self aligned with Mother Nature.


The greatest respite I can give you is this, everything you feel, everything you believed or thought, suspected or knew… deep, deep down inside of you, was right.

Emotions are always right.

Feelings are logical.

You are much more than you were ever told.

You can save yourself.


Here, we empower and encourage you, we give you the tools, the directions, and the maps to get you started. I call it The Healing Journey Starter Pack. Choice and Option are always honored, provided, and respected here. Think of this as a… “Choose Your Own Adventure” Story and you are the main character.

Come. Walk with me. Or don’t. The Choice is always yours.


Please, continue your story. I’d like to know how The Garden came to be.


I need Healing. How can The Garden help me?


I am overwhelmed. I don’t know where to begin. There is so much. How do I know what I need?


How do I ensure I get the most out of The Healing Garden and everything you have built? I don’t want to miss anything and I want to maximize my benefits.