The Healing Garden is Officially Complete… Just some minor Clean Up

I am starting to appreciate how Snorri Sturluson must have felt…

The Healing Garden is 100% Built from the Ancient Greek Educational System.

Today’s Educational System was a fraction in “quality” of what the Pre-Roman era had. They taught their students how to Reverse Engineer their Intuition to uncover The Academic Disciplines. And that is what I teach people.

It is a skill that Pythagoras used to uncover Music Theory, The Circle of Fifths and his work in Mathematics, and Philosophy.

A skill that Euclid used to uncover Geometry.

A skill Aristotle used to uncover Astronomy.

A skill that Sir Isaac Newton used to uncover Physics.

A skill that Copernicus used to uncover Astronomy.

The skill I was taught by Plato and used to to uncover Pythagorean Psychology, Power Economics, Vitalogy, Human Circuitry, The Subconscious Mind, and Metaphysics.

It is a tradition in Ancient Greek Education that, after a Philosophy student completes their study, they start their own school. True to the Traditions of my Masters, I have built The Healing Garden. This is a 40+ year endeavor for me that I started when I asked, “What is Love?” (Love is the Desire (Force) that Propels Ethical Movement Forward (AKA Growth) It values without profit or gain. In its purist form, it is Logic and Truth.

The Olive Branches were a symbol of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. In Plato’s Academy, he had an Olive Tree planted there, which was considered sacred.

To the Ancient Greek Philosophers, Wisdom meant Peace, and it truly does.

The Healing Garden is Mother Nature’s University. It is 100% Based on Logic, Math, and Physics. We teach in the same style as Plato and also with the exact same Informal Curriculum that he taught. The same one I was raised on.

This is Education, like no one in the world has ever seen or heard of in 1,600 years. The subjects we teach here are unheard of by anyone living today.

I teach Pythagorean Psychology and Power Economics, which account for the Human Physics inside of the Subconscious Mind.

We teach The User Manual For the Subconscious Mind, Abuse Proof You, and Problem Prevention (Problems are optional when you’re educated).

We focus on Teaching QUALITY Teachers. Our Teachers are ONLY Masters and higher. The more work the Teachers do, the less work the Students have to do. The less work the Teachers do, the more work the Students have to do.

We train Teachers and Aspiring Business Owners.
We offer The Healing Garden Franchise for Healers and Lightworkers seeking to Build Their own Business.

We teach Students how to Learn.

We teach Pilgrims how to Optimize their Pilgrimage.
We teach The Tempest Tossed and Forlorn how to Optimize and navigate their Healing Journey.

WE ARE FOR 100% NEURODIVERGENTS AND ADHD/Autism People! THIS IS EDUCATION THAT WAS MADE FOR YOU! Are you ready to enter a world that can keep up with YOU for once?

If you have been Diagnosed with Schizophrenia, WE WANT YOU! We understand your mind.

We don’t slow down in The Healing Garden, we go FASTER! Cuz Physics Says so!

We offer FREE Courses and FREE Healing Journeys from our Pythagorean Psychology Department.

Adults! Throw OUT the School of Hard Knox. This is Mother Nature’s University. We teach you how to parent, relationship, make friends, find yourself, Skill Build, and Plan and Plot a Prosperous Life. We are seeking Master Teachers to teach you to do your taxes!

We gift you with The Narcissist Cure.

I warmly invite you to DM me and ask to see Anna’s Menu.

We offer consultations, advice, guidance… We have a Self-Care Department, and an Art and Creativity department designed to revive and nurture your Imagination back to life!

We show you what Philosophy REALLY can do.

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How is this related to Mental Health? To protect you from Psychological Abuse. 100% of my work is always backed by Pythagorean Psychology so you know how to Abuse Proof You. The Healing Garden values your Mental Health and the Preservation of your Subconscious Mind. Education cures Mental Illness. Education is the Catalyst of Awareness. #mentalhealthawareness #takingaction

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