The Healing Garden: Triadic Healing

Hello, Healer. Welcome to The Healing Garden.

Let me formally introduce myself.

I am “nobody.” I have no degree. No license. No formal education. And that is my super power. My story is, according to my Therapists, “Impossible.” According to them, I should be dead.

But I’m not, which means, the way they think about Psychology and Human Behavior is flawed because I am not dead.

I survived 40 years as a Domesticated Female Slave in Central New York, which I call “Hell on Earth.” I endured almost every type of abuse you can think of. Including being raped on 9/11. I wore chains, have had 4 owners, was bred to serve White Man. I was bred for breeding to “preserve” White Man who lived threatened by the ever growing “minorities.” I was treated equal to the dogs and cats who were tortured and beaten since I was 4 years old. Both of my husbands whistled at my like a dog instead of using my name.

I did not cut, self-mutilate, have an eating disorder, or turn to drugs or substance abuse or alcohol. I was not medicated or hospitalized at all from 1980 to 2015.

How I did survive was only through Education and Learning. I was hell-bent on getting out and escaping.

By 12 years old, I had use 5 generations of Domesticated Cats (Over 60 felines) to conduct my full research project on the Generational Behavioral Side Effects of Abuse. By this time, I also had become very well equipped at rescuing, recover, and rehabilitating animals.

The Science of rescue, recover, and rehabilitation are the same between animal and human. In 1995, I had started to help extract friends from abusive parents. I had to master this school in 3rd Person Point of View, before I could master this in 1st Person Point of View (In Triadic Healing, you learn the theory and Physics as to why).

At 12, I deduced that the US Government was not qualified to teach me or oversee my education (Compliments of the Clinton-Lewinksi Trials), and that Plato was. So I used Plato’s Curriculum of La Academia and Alexandria as my Educational System. I am an Alumni of Ancient Alexandria. To be blunt, the Education there is much different than the education of today.

At 15, my IQ was 180. 20 points higher than Einstein’s.

By 18, I had composed 2 operas and a musical, written 1 book, and had studied Philosophy, Physics, The Roman Empire,  Theology, Sociology, Logic, and The Great Books. I had mastered Piano, singing, dance, performance, theater, stage, acting, musical composition, and had started to study Psychology by watching Dr Phil, something I would continue to do until 2012. I had also studied Freud’s theory on Dreams and Carl Jung’s Philosophy on Theology.

In 1992, I took my own education into my own hands and studied the history and evolution of Learning and Education in the World and the US.

At 15, I unconsciously uncovered The God Code in my studies and… I’m a Scientist… I used it on myself. That’s what we do. We need a subject for our studies. And I was consenting individual. I had solved Tesla’s 3-6-9 Method.

At 21, I invented The Rorschach Print Perspective, the foundation of Vitalogy.

At 26, I began writing novels and dedicated the next 9 years to my written works. I am an award-nominated author.

I did all of this while being raped, beaten, enslaved, and tortured. I did all of this with Borderline Personality Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, Chronic Depression, BiPolar I, and Suicidal Ideation.

I have been forced to endure abortion. I have been used for breeding. I have been used for everything you can imagine. 4 times, I have been close to death.

I’ve been sceptic, twice my kidneys shut down. Husbands (Owners) left me for dead and refused me medical care.

In 2015, at 35 years old, I wrote Broken. My memoir, Journal, and Autobiography, which takes you inside of my mind and shows you what was going on in my mind. One Psychologists likened it to Prince of Tides.

I did not write this book.

My Alters, Joanna and Bergen, did. I had no idea, but since I was 8 years old, I had Dissociative Identity Disorder. Multiple Personality Disorder. Broken is available on Amazon if you wish to read it. I strongly recommend that you do because it shows you what is going on inside the mind of the “The Insane” and “The Mentally Ill.”

But most importantly, Broken is for Trauma survivors. They read it and they know they are not alone. Many of them get help after.

For me, it was writing Broken that made me put the pen down and say, “I need help.” It was the Education that led to the Awareness that led to my Healing.

But I had 4 Genius Alters with an IQ higher than Einstein. And the Subconscious Mind will do anything to Self-Preserve. However… I am a Logician.

In 2022, my Alters and I made the unanimous decision to Integrate. So, naturally, we decided to switch and “Map out the Subconscious Mind.”

My name is Anna. And I lived for 32 years enslaved by my own Alter, imprisoned in my own Mind. From 1988 to 2022, I lived inside the Mind. And I spent that time learning every corner, every nook, every cranny of my prison. In 2023, I escaped. No one knows more about the Subconscious Mind than I, and I have the Mastered Skills of Communication and Teaching. My knowledge is priceless.

I am the only one who came back from Insanity. And I am the only one who has the Education and the Communication skills to articulate what I know. I come to you, not as a Psychologist, but as a formerly “broken” mind. And I can speak on behalf of your patients and clients. They are not insane. No mind is “mad.” What they lack is COMMUNICATION SKILLS and a VOCABULARY, which I have.

By the time your patients and clients come to you, their abusers, parents, and loved ones have them all convinced that they are “insane.” I know better.


One thing that is, Psychologically extraordinary, was a very specific type of abuse I endured for years. From 2015 to 2002, I had a rapist who raped me as punishment for not being Logical.

I was classically conditioned to associate Illogic with Rape. He, unknowingly, used rape to condition my Intuition to detect illogic on a Self-Preservation scale. By the time I was 21 years old I was more logical than Spock. I had to be. (Spock actually had a few logical fallacies, which I have corrected with proofs). While the PTSD is long gone, the dire need to have things logical is my life-long obsession. I know you can appreciate the depth of what this means.

When something doesn’t make logical sense, I know it like no one else in the world does. Which means, mathematically, when things don’t add up, I know it on a Self-Preservation level.

Let me put it to you this way, “lies” are not “deceptions.” They are Logical Fallacies and Inconsistencies. And I was able to use this skill to sort out Logical Fallacy in Psychology, Economics, and Teaching.

In 2023, when I “cured” my Mental Illness, what I really did was invent a Prosthetic Subconscious Mind (I call this the AIDNS). I used logic to “install” it.

The Mind is a Computer. I invented the Mental Software to update the Mental Program and format the computer to “The Factory Settings” while retaining all of your Memory.

Much of what you were taught about Psychology is very, very wrong. Psychology is all Logic, Math, and Physics, and Economics with a solid slice of Ontology.

Here is my Abstract, if you want to see the Logic, Math, and Physics behind my work. My Abstract is currently under peer review.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is spot on, and is what I used on a regular basis, but it was not enough… And Aaron Beck was a Philosopher as well as a Psychiatrist who mastered Socratic Method.

Carl Jung was a Philosopher first and foremost.

Pythagoras, not Freud, is the Father of Psychology. Pythagoras invented Psychology and put it all in Philosophy. Pythagoras, unfortunately, was terrible at Nomenclature. He also gave us the word “Mathematics,” which should have been called “Shorthand for Logical Proofs and Deductions.”

Philosophers study Pythagoras Psychology (2000+ years old).

Psychologists study Freud Psychology (150 years old).

Dr. Nathaniel Brandon, leading Psychologist in Self-Esteem and Author of 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem, was also the student and lover of Ayn Rand for 20 years. The early editions of the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, was dedicated to Nathaniel. Nathaniel was a Philosopher.

Philosophers are the ones who have given us the right answers in Psychology.

I had to throw out everything I was told by my therapists. I had to turn to Philosophy, Logic, Math, and Physics, and in some cases, Biology, to find the solutions to my Mental Illness.

And in less than 8 months, from April 2023 to December 2023, I “cured” ALL of my “incurable” mental illnesses including Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, and Multiple Personality Disorder. And I did it using Logic and Ontology: The Philosophical science and study of Reality.

When I was done, I was well aware of the value of what I had.

Most importantly, and this is vital, the amnesia from my trauma lifted (gradually, over 8 months), and every bit of knowledge and information I had ever studied in all of my life came back to me. My IQ raised, fast. My intelligence became a metric of how abused I had been. With the trauma gone, I could REMEMBER my KNOWLEDGE.

Today, I count myself as an Ontological Physicist with 30+ years of Philosophical Mastery, and I am the Founder of what I call “Vitalogy.”

Vitalogy is the Science and Logic of Happiness, Wealth, and Prosperity. Life.

Vitalogy is what Freudian Psychology tried and failed to be.

Even Pythagoras Psychology tried to uncover Vitalogy, but were much further along with the process.

In 2023, I wrote to NIMH, and they wrote me back. They turned me down, declined The Healing Garden and my Triadic Healing, and told me to “seek PTSD counseling…” and included a link.

Needless to say, NIMH is not interested in what I have.

Fortunately, I also studied Economics.

Fortunately, we live in a Free Market, and I am a Capitalist.

I have a number of methods designed for the distribution of Triadic Healing.

Triadic Healing comes in Three Parts: The Self, The Community, The Entrepreneur. Triadic Healing is the full course on Vitalogy. I offer The Healing Garden Franchise to Healers and anyone who dreams of Business Ownership.

Those who seek Triadic Healing for themselves can purchase it for $15,000, but they may not license or use it commercially.

Those who wish to license it or use it commercially have the option to buy into the Franchise for $50,000 + 7% royalties.

Triadic Healing not only includes “The Answers” to Mental Healing. It also teaches the same educational method I learned from Plato, and the Theory and Walkthrough on how to develop a “Billionaire’s Mindset.” The same “Healing Formula” and Walkthrough with step-by-step instructions with the Theory, that I took to go from where I was in Broken to where I am now.

The reason why Mental Health is so horrific today, is because people are not being taught how to use their Minds effectively TO LEARN. And Learning IS Growth IS Mental Health IS Healing.

Healing is synonymous with Learning.

Optimum Mental Wealth is the uninterrupted Learning Center of our Mind.

If you’ve read this far and you want to purchase The Healing Garden Franchise or you want to purchase The Healing Garden for yourself, contact my team and we’ll get you set up.

If you are a CEO and/or you own a Corporation, we offer a Corporate Package for Businesses and Corporations to purchase for their Employees and Staff, which includes my Course on Power Economics. Contact my team.

If you are an Elementary or Highschool Teacher, and you want Triadic Healing for your School District, The Healing Garden offers Triadic Healing to US Schools for Free. Contact my team.

If you want to read Broken, you can buy that on Amazon.

Broken’s sequel, Breaking Delusion is currently with my editor and is due to release 2024.