The Global Healing Cyber Convention and Summit August 2024

Welcome to The Healing Garden’s

Healing Cyber-Convention and Summit!


What is The Healing Cyber-Convention “CyCon” and Summit?

A Cyber Convention is an online “Carnival-Like” Event where businesses have their own “booths” to sell their Healing solutions and businesses. It is where ALL THINGS HEALING come together to Celebrate Positive Mental Health, Provide resources and Solutions for Healing, and Community.
THIS IS ABOUT NETWORKING! Community! Helping others! Changing the way we think about Mental Health! And People! If you are new to Networking are struggle with Social Anxiety, I have you covered (See Below).
Healing is NOT “Just talk therapy” or “Just Meditation” or “Just Neuroscience” or “Just Mindset.”
Healing is ALL of it. The Healing Garden does not Specialize. The Healing Garden is Holistic. That is why we have Triadic Healing in THREE Parts. Because Healing is your Story Health, your Logic Health, and your Community Health.

When is the Healing CyCon and Summit!?

16, 17, and 18 August 2024 are the dates!

Where is the Healing CyCon and Summit!?

100% Online! At Alexandria’s Forum and Market!

The Healing Garden’s Mission

The World has called for Radical Mental Health Reformation and this is it. The Radical Global Healing Plan was built by Anna Imagination after she spent 40 years mastering healing, extraction from abuse, escape, and recovery. Learn more about The Healing Reformation.
Having cured 5 “incurable” mental illnesses after spending 40 years a Domesticated Slave, Anna knows a thing or two about Mental Health. She is the only one in the world who has come back from “Insanity” and now teaches others how its done.
The Healing Garden’s Mission is to Integrate the Three Pillars of Mental Health: Story Health, Logical Health, and Community Health and to unite all others under the Mental Health Radical Global Healing Plan that delivers this Mission to the world.
While others talk, Anna executes. That’s the difference. Go here if you want to see her full plan.

Anna’s Philosophy

Self-Love is actually Self-Preservation.

Sit with those words. As you heal, you learn how much your Mind loved you that it Self-Preserved you with “Mental Illness.” As you heal, you learn just how much we all are connected. And then, that Circle of Self-Preservation, it expands to include others.
So that as you heal, you come to value the Power of Choice and the Safety and Confidence of others so much so that your Self-Preservation includes their Preservation.
So when I say to you that I love you, it is because I know how you are connected to me, and that I value your Voice and your Power of Choice so much that I work to serve you.
I work to preserve your Power of Choice and I include you in my own Preservation.
Preserving you is my Self-Preservation.
This is True Love. This is what we are for. This is what we all are.
Welcome to The Healing Garden where this Philosophy is the Core of all Healing. That is what The Healing Garden Convention is about.

What is the Price for attending The Healing CyCon and Summit!?

Free for the Public!

Just Sign Up here to The Healing Garden Healing CyCon and Summit to receive the Invitations, Schedule, your free Healing Journey Plan and receive VIP access to The Healing Garden.

$500 for Vendors who want a Virtual Booth in Alexandria’s Forum and Market and The Healing Garden Newsletter.

Vendors can learn more here.

Shy? Introvert? Social Anxiety?

Are you wanting to help out, but are shy or struggle with Social Anxiety? *smiles warmly* I used to have those obstacles too. I offer an exclusive one-on-one and group sessions to Volunteers and Vendors to help them overcome those challenges. (I stuttered and was a shut-in for 20 years).

This is free of charge regardless of whether or not you are a vendor or volunteer. This is something I offer to those who need help finding their voice. I train Voiceless Mermaids how to sing again (I used to be one). You’re in good hands. I promise you.

Become a Volunteer

If you would like to become a Volunteer, you can learn more here.

Become a Vendor

If you would like to become a Vendor, you can learn more here.


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