The Narcissist Pandemic

This is a theory I have been developing since 1995 and, which finally came to fruition a few weeks ago. This is only my observation pulled from Roman History, Christian History, Psychology, and Sociology. It only reflects the views and opinions of Anna Imagination.

Roman History was my first passion and love. Late Antiquity, The Rise and the Fall of the Roman Empire, Mesopotamia, and, of course, the Byzantine Empire.

One cannot study Roman history and neglect Christianity. I was raised Southern Fundamental Baptist. It was only natural for me to study the Psychology of the Roman mind and the Early Christian church. My favorite book for a long time was “A World Lit Only By Fire.” It was a powerful read and one that would spark a theory I strongly stand by to this day.

If you’re new to the study of the Roman Empire or the Early Christian Church, I will give you a brief outline. Following the crucifixion of Christ, Christianity became an underground religion until about 60 AD. That is when the Fire of Rome burned during Emperor Nero’s reign.

Many people have heard about how Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, implying that he did nothing about the fire… and the fact the fiddle did not yet exist in 60 AD. What most people don’t know is that Nero was mentally and physically ill with syphilis and he petitioned to rebuild Rome into an entirely new city. His plans were denied by the Senate. It was shortly after his plans to tear down and completely remodel Rome were denied, that the fire happened.

Nero blamed the fire on the Christians and he got to rebuild Rome. When Nero blamed the fire on the Christians, he also outlawed Christianity and the new religion became an underground religion.

Nero died. Rome depleted. The Ostrogoths and Visigoths teamed up with the Mongols and Attila the Hun who ransacked Rome, and what little was left of the Roman Empire fled to Constantinople (Persia).

Three hundred years passed. Time changed slowly. Christianity spread as a black market religion until, one day, it reached Emperor Constantine I. The First Roman Emperor to accept Christianity as his formal religion. Constantine built the first church. He legalized Christianity. And that is when they noticed a problem with Christianity… No one could agree on anything. After 300 years, the Christian religion had evolved so greatly that divisions from all over varied as drastically as a regional accent.

That is when the Council of Nicaea was formed. This council had one goal: to agree on what the Christian religion would be. For 60 years, the Senate, the powers of the Roman Empire, and Constantine I all sat around arguing which dead sea scrolls should and should not be included in what would become The Bible.

They argued about the Holy Trinity. They argued about Latin becoming the official language of the Church. They argued until, what we now call “The Holy Christian Empire” was created. One group did not agree with the Holy Christian Empire. There was a schism and they went their own way calling themselves Greek Orthodox.

Now… knowing what I know about Alexander the Great and Roman imperialism, when I looked at the Christianizing of Europe over the next 1,000 years, I couldn’t help but notice how very much it looked like Roman Imperialism.

In fact, it was identical. With one added twist: The Pope “spoke to God” and selected the next Roman Emperor, an act that implied that God, himself chose the Roman Emperor.

Where my theory breaks from the history books is that I am a firm believer that the Roman Empire “did not fall.” It evolved into the Christian Roman Empire, which is still around today. I believe that the Roman Empire purposely rebranded and marketed itself because, after the defeat by the Goths and the Mongols, the Roman Empire lost it’s credibility.

I believe the Roman Empire, renowned for it’s education and universities, embedded Narcissism into the Christian Culture so they could easily turn their people into obedient, non-questioning servants who give everything and all to the church, which they did. Which is why cathedrals built in the Dark Ages were so magnificent. Which is why Narcissism spread through the Western cultures like wildfire.

I believe that the core to the Patriarchy, Western Culture, and Politics, all of which are built on the Roman Model are all embedded with Narcissism due to it’s guarantee to take control, manipulate, and lead. I believe that the Narcissism in our culture is so prevalent today because of the rebranding and marketing campaign designed and implemented by the Council of Nicaea 2,000 years ago.

Mental healing begins with humility.

The Narcissist is most avoidant of humility because humility is what their abusers used to control them. So the likelihood of a Narcissist seeking out mental help or therapy is very unlikely.

As a result, there is an unknown number of un-diagnosed Narcissists spreading their abuse throughout our culture at an alarming rate. And the only defense against this Narcissistic Pandemic is educating their victims. Those who identify as Empaths. This is one of the missions of The Healing Garden: to educate Empaths and people on how to deter, avoid, and escape Stockholm Syndrome and Psychological Entrapment of the Narcissist.

For this reason, Anna is very guarded and skeptical of Christianity and organized religions. She offers several courses just on Narcissism to help build the defense against this abusive and highly toxic Personality Disorder.

Another really touchy subject is something I was raised on in my White Culture. To be blunt, I always was intrigued about the differences between White and Black culture in America. It was something I have asked about all my life.

I won’t repeat much of what I was told. It was racist and horrible, but one message stood out very clearly. “Black people today carry the scars of Black Segregation Culture and Black Slavery.”

This answer bugged me. Not because Black people do bear the cultural scars of their heritage. But because White people don’t. Or do they?

I looked deep into the psychology of White Man Slave Owner and also the psychology of Slavery. It is something I required for my own healing. And that is when I realized that Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome and Borderline Personality Disorder are eerily similar. Also, these conditions are prevalent among White man. Ever notice how the majority of Abused Women are White Women?

I am a firm believer that White Privilege is the evolved remnants of White Man Slave Owner, many of whom were Christians, which was heavily fueled by Narcissism. When White Man Slave Owner lost their slaves, I also believe they turned to their wives and implemented that abuse on their wives.

This Culture went on to permeate the Patriarchy, the work place, and the culture we live in today.

So what’s wrong with the world today? We have a Narcissistic Embedded Society that has been left unchecked and White Privilege keeps their women enslaved under the regime of an archaic “pecking order” where women are equal to animals.