The Philosopher Bard

The Philosopher Bard!

This is the person who requires Variety. They have mastered the art of finding balance with all three and have a Diversified Mind to shift as needed between the Artist, Communicator, and Scientist.

This is a sign of a Healthy, Well-Balanced, Education.

The Philosopher Bard is a Life-Long Learner (Fun Fact : We all are, but the Philosopher Bard has realized that ambition) and they are skilled Problem Solvers due to their Mental Diversity.


Knowing who you are and how you process information plays a huge role in how you connect with the world, how you want to contribute to the world, and how you receive others.

Skill Building and Role of Purpose are the other two components that are key to how you learn, how you heal, and how you build your Healing Journey.

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