The Power of 1st

The Abuse, The Mental Illness, the loss of control, is all in the Language we use. Specifically, the Point of View we speak in.
When we speak in 3rd Person Point of View (He did, They did, She did), we are shunning our Power, we are nurturing the Delusion of lost Control. This leads to enhanced feelings of lost control. It’s putting ourselves in the back seat of every single life situation.
When we speak in 1st Person Point of View, (I did, I chose, I will), we are Claiming our Power. We are acknowledging our Power and are putting ourselves in the Driver seat.
The language we use reflects our Relationship with our own Power and Control. The language nurtures the Mindset we choose. When people panic or feel swept away by a situation, when they get caught up on “What If” stories, they are focused on the Damsel In Distress Mindset of being without Control.
Problem Solving is only possible in 1st Person Point of View. If you’re not even talking in 1st Person, you’re not going to be solving the Problem. You’re going to be Panicking and chasing red herrings.
The Point of any situation and the Solution only ever exist in 1st Person Point of View.
If you’re not speaking in 1st Person, you’ve already disempowered yourself because the words you are speaking are preventing you from accessing the tools you need to empower you so you can save yourself. And that comes back to you choose to speak in 1st Person or 3rd.
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