The Scientist

The Scientist is one that many people shrink from. I was a scientist most of my life and had no idea because “I was a girl.” I grew up with papers plastered all over my wall identical to A Beautiful Mind. I had boxed (I mean, 40+ Bank Boxes) that my Daughter calls “Mad Scientist Notes” that contained all of my research from 1992 to Present.

What makes a Scientist a Scientist is the Pioneering, the Trial and Error, the Curiosity or “pushing the boundaries” of Knowledge the Standard of Proof, the dedication to Truth that is 100% absent from Bias. The Pursuit of Knowledge. Above all else, it is the Team of all Scientists working together, each on their own piece to the vast puzzle, that depicts a little more of the Truth.

It is the dedication and the pursuit of Knowledge, Truth, and Reality.

It is not the degree that makes anyone a Scientist. It is their passion and dedication for the pursuit of Knowledge. It is the courage to ask the questions most are terrified of asking.

The Scientist asks it anyway and ventures into the great unknown. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you are. If Curiosity and Wonder is how you live, think, and process the world, then this is who you are. Don’t let your Skill Level define what you are.

Knowing who you are and how you process information plays a huge role in how you connect with the world, how you want to contribute to the world, and how you receive others.

Skill Building and Role of Purpose are the other two components that are key to how you learn, how you heal, and how you build your Healing Journey.

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