The Taste of Freedom. The Mental Maze That Enslaves.

There is a “thing” about me that I never share with anyone. In fact, there is only one person who I open up to about this. To the rest of the world, I’m oddly quiet about this.

It just occurred to me while making coffee that, I’ve never shared this part of me with anyone.

My Sunshine People know that I was lived a Domesticated Slave for 40 years. They know that I’ve built the Healing Garden and that I’ve been working relentlessly for the last two years to build The Garden.

They know about how I overcame 5 “incurable” mental illness and how I documented my discoveries and the cure live on YouTube while it happened in just one year.

But what I never talk about is the Pursuit of Societal Freedom I have been Pioneering since 2015.

We all know that we’re all “stuck” in whatever Societal Mindset Life handed us. But what I wanted to know was can a person build Everything they have including Wealth and Prosperity from virtually Nothing?

I attempted this in 2001.

I did it again in 2009.

I restarted it again in 2020.

Three times in my life, I restarted my life over from virtually Nothing. I broke down the Formula. Analyzed my data. Adjusted the Formula. And did it again. Not on purpose. On necessity. In 2022, I did it again on purpose.

Since birth, I felt like I was given two Life Choices: A 9 to 5 Job or College to get a better 9 to 5 Job.

“But I don’t want a 9 to 5 Job,” I said. I wanted to be an Actor and Musician. After being called a whore, my Father and I launched into the Free Will vs. The Societal Standard that led to blood shed, many times.

When I began studying Philosophy and Sociology between 12 and 15, it led me to significantly dissect the Societal Expectations that come down on every one of us. What kind of options were these? More importantly, were these really the ONLY options? If there were other options, how do you get them? Where were they? Could anyone have them? Why didn’t I? Why couldn’t I?

Living as a slave leaves a mark on a person that most cannot imagine. It leaves you with an inhumane awareness to restrictions, limitations, and a loss of Choice. Living as a slave teaches you exactly what Freedom feels like and what it doesn’t feel like.

A Sensation and an experience that most people are oblivious too.

After I escaped from the Domesticated Slavery, I tasted true Freedom. A life without any restrictions. A life with zero limitations. Between 2020 and 2022, I lived Free for the first time in my life… Until… My Alters too felt “free enough” to release the truth about my Mental Illnesses.

I attempted a 9 to 5 job, however, after two years of living with True Freedom, when I returned to the 9 to 5 job, which was actually a 7 to 6 Job, I felt every mental chain and shackle come down on me, and it felt exactly as it did when I lived a sex slave to Owners and Pedophiles where I was used for breeding that ranged from forced Abortions to forced IVF Treatments…

I could not do it. I could not go back.

I quit my job on the spot. I would sooner die Free than live a slave again. Not even to the Mindsets of others.

Now, for my Mental Health and Sanity, I had no choice. I had to find a way to live and flourish in Freedom and rise abundant in Prosperity and Wealth from Nothing. But How?

I had done this three times before and I knew the building blocks and the first parts of the Formula. But always, at the same point in the Formula, I returned to the System and it’s enslavement that cried “Sell your Soul and your Freedom for the scrap resources that will not be enough to keep you and your children alive in our society.”

This time, I was determined to find another way.

And find it, I did. Business Ownership and The Entrepreneur Life. The Ethical Path was an entirely different story.

Entrepreneurs will warn you to “stock up” on savings before you quit your day job, but my unique history would not permit me this luxury. The longer I was a slave, the more my Mental Health suffered. Freedom is the cure to all Mental Illness. Freedom of Fear. Freedom of Dreams. Freedom of Want and Desire. Freedom of Love. Freedom of Flight of the Imagination. Freedom to expand the Imagination far beyond the conceptualized “Impossible Dream” and Far beyond anything anyone could possibly imagination.

The sky was the limit? There was no limit. For me, there cannot be. Limits were shackles.

Now that was a Freedom I could feel.

The true Slave Master is Mindset.

For 40 years I had lived enslaved to the Fear that my Owners enforced with their threat of abuse, violence, rape, rejection, and abandonment.

For 32 years I had lived enslaved by my own Alter during the decades I lived with Multiple Personality.

For 43 years I had lived enslaved by Silence due to a lack of Language and my own inability to communicate ides like this to you, dear reader.

Too well, I know what Freedom feels like.

Enslavement is a maze. It is the Desire to Leave, the Decision to Leave, the Choice to Leave, and then, the Obstruction that prevents that the Execution of that Choice. Resources do not prevent Obstruction. Problem Solving does. I spent 40 years wandering the maze that can only be called “The Darkness” where Hope does not exist. This is where Suicide happens and where Mental Illness is prevalent while you live under Narcissist Rule, Depression, and the Death of Dreams.

I spent 32 Years wandering the maze in my Mind, dancing around my 4 Alters and their Subconscious Minds while we battled it out with “If/Then” Clauses in Logical War until they submitted to my Dominant Logic Skills. The trick is to learn faster than your Subconscious Mind(s) can Self-Preserve.

I spent an Additional 4 years speaking “Mental Babble” as my ideas and dreams failed to reach those who did choose to give me even a moment of their time. Images of The 13th Warrior played often in my head while I listened, Translated, invented my own language, Translated… Until I could finally say, “All I want is to be Free, and I mean to find the door to exit these Mindset Mazes.”

If only I could find the door. Then I would be free and then my Dreams would know me. If only I could find the way from Nothing to Love to Freedom, then I could teach it to others so they too could leave the Mental Hell that they live.

And find it, I did.

I know too well the symptoms of Mental Enslavement. I know too well the Language of an enslaved Subconscious Mind… and more than 98% of the Population is screaming the same message that I know too well.

“Something isn’t right. I feel it. But I don’t know what this is. I want, but can’t have. I’m confused. I’m tired. It’s dark. And in the moments between the point where I’m no longer fighting to breathe and the moments where I’m too tired to stand, are the moments where I feel like I can’t even speak through the confusion in my mind… And I can’t even understand me.”

“My dear,” I answer. “That is slavery. That is the feeling of not being Free to Leave or to Choose. It is the feeling of being trapped.”

The True Slave Master is Mindset.

I can’t talk about a Problem or Concept without a Solution.

The Healing Garden is the laid Stepping Stones that lead the way out. The Healing Garden is the Door. I did find it. And I have the formula to override every single imagined problem. It’s all just math and Physics balanced with Human Behavior, which is highly predictable once you understand Pythagorean Psychology.

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