The Truth Shall Set You Free

When people hear about my abuse, I often am asked if they were criminals or monsters… People WANT to villainize my abusers.

“No,” I always say. “They were just ignorant. JUST uneducated.

They were very good people. Very good people… Just uneducated.”

No one wants to hear that.

Good people, when uneducated, are abusive as fuck.

I met a woman last week who trains her children in PTSD skills because she is too ignorant to know that her PTSD Skills are not “Genius Savant Skills.”

Are you training your children in Trauma skills? How do you know?

I have had more Empaths brag to me about their “special skills” unaware that their “unique” traits are PTSD traits and their “special skills” are really symptoms of trauma that they are preserving so they can feel special.

“Feeling people’s emotions” is the undisciplined Projection Skill caused by 3rd Person POV Story Stepping due to Identity Displacement. It’s Physics and is cured with training the mind to think in 1st Person POV instead of 3rd Person POV to end the Identity Displacement.

THAT is how ignorant people are today. Most people are too uneducated to know that their “special” traits are trauma symptoms that they are VERY curable with Logic.

And Professionals, educators, and authorities are too uneducated in Logic to figure this out. Hence the Mental Health Crisis.

I have studied Mental Illness, Logic, and Problem Solving for 30+ years. Only those who are uneducated in Logic are Mentally Ill.

A Beautiful Mind.

He was educated, and thus, he managed it successfully. He was a Physicist.

Watch the movie again.

He was fine after he made the Logical Deduction, “She never ages.”

The Logical Deduction allowed him to see the Truth, and then he could manage it.

Mental Illness occurs when a person loses The Truth, Then Perspective, and then The Self.

Logic resolves all of this in a few months. No medications required. You just need a Focal Point for Relativity because in Logic we learn about Triangulation and that you don’t know where you are without a Focal Point of Relativity.

And your Focal Point of Relativity is Truth, which is located at The Point of Comprehension. Obtainable only through Logic.

Truth means “Logical.”
Lie means “Illogical On Purpose.”

Fun Fact! In Math, Mathematicians say, “The Statement is True,” which is Logic Talk for “The Statement is Equal.”

Which is why they use equal signs. Because “true” means Logically Balanced according to Mother Nature’s Equilibrium.

That is a whole other topic for later. The be all and end all of Mother Nature’s EQUILIBRIUM. That woman is OBSESSED with her EQUILIBRIUM.

Mental Illness is her rebalancing the Illogic in a Mind to her Logic to maintain the balance. She very much has “Balance your Potential Emotional Energy with Logic or I will do it for you.”

POOF Mental Illness. Learn to balance the Logic into True Statements of Math… or she will do it for you. You’re not helpless. You just need Logic.

Logic is VERY teachable. You don’t have a diagnoses, you just are uneducated in Logic, which is the Science of Problem Solving and Communication.

Logic is the Science of Problem Solving… And Communication.

To not study Logic is to remove Problem Solving and Communication from your life.

This is my real battle. Convincing the world that we are all not as smart as we all think we are.

Words are Logic. Words are LOGIC.

WORDS. Are Logic.

Words are so logic that the Greek word for “logic” is Word.

To say “Words don’t matter” is to say “Logic doesn’t matter.”

And Logic is Problem Solving and Communication.

Ooh! Let’s do this!

Premise: Words don’t matter.
Premise: Words = Logic = Problem Solving = Communication
Premise: Words are Problem Solving
Premise: Words are Communication.

Thus: Problem Solving and Communication does not Matter.

Is the Statement, “Problem Solving and Communication does not Matter.” a True Statement?

The Premise: Words don’t matter, is a False Premise.

And that is a Logical Proof.

Did you know that our Subconscious Mind runs off of Logic Health?

Logical Code to the Mind is what Computer Code is to a Computer System.

Every time you speak, you are adding Logical Code to your Subconscious Mind. And if you’re bad at Logic, you will add false Logical Code to your mind.

That is what we are all doing with misinformation. Hence… The Mental Health Crisis.

Did anyone notice how bad the Mental Health Crisis got after the Internet was made and we all started throwing around False Information at the speed of Synapses?

This is Pythagorean Psychology, by the way. Not that Freud shit that “professionals” use. This is the good shit (You find it in Philosophy).

100% of all Addictions and Narcissism and Mental Illness is An Addiction to CONTROL. We’ll talk about that one later today.

The words we use create logic in our minds that blind us to real problems.

The false words we use create false conclusions that enable behavior that harms the self and others. Like people who think their Trauma Skills are Genius Skills.

False information breaks down self-preservation.

False information breaks down self-preservation.

Because False Information steers self-preservation into bad people and bad situations. Which is why Trauma and Abuse keep occurring to the same people. Because the Victims are not educated. Neither are the abusers.

Because Victims are too illogical to steer themselves out of danger. And when they *are* old enough to escape abuse, they are too illogical to steer themselves out of danger.

The reason why most people don’t steer themselves out of danger is because they were lied to about the Truth.

In Problem Solving, you have to know the truth to Diagnose a situation properly so you can build the correct equation to solve your problem… But if you can’t decipher The Truth, then you won’t build the correct Equation.

Logic shows Truth. Logic uses Word and Deductive Reasoning to show Truth.

The severe trauma I endured was just ignorance. There was no malicious intent from most of my abusers. They were very good people who were so ignorant that they thought they were right.

So ignorant that these good people did not know they were practicing slavery.

They were so ignorant that they did not know their behavior was that of a slave master. Their women were so ignorant that they did not know they were slaves.

So when I hear misinformation, what I see is a chain reaction and all the ripples that one word of misinformation can cause and does cause.

All because we are ignorant. And it is killing us.

Stupid is the problem and we are too stupid to know that stupid is the problem.

The thing is, if you’re too uneducated to know if you are uneducated, then how do you know you are uneducated? You have to use Logical Deduction and Problem Solving to…

No… NOT “figure it out.” That is what uneducated people say. If someone says to you “You have to figure it out,” it means they don’t know. And if they don’t know, then why are they teaching you?

You have to use Logical Deduction and Problem Solving to conduct data analysis and assessment with all the variables and components to then build an equation and assess the True Situation you are in so you can change it.

Your Subconscious Mind would be doing this naturally on its own except the Educational System of Professional Educators interfered with this Logical Process and had you studying The Memorization Skill for 12 years instead.

This is Chain Reaction Science and it is taught only in Logic.

Study Logic.
Stop talking and passing around misinformation and start learning.

50% of the words we use don’t even mean what we think they mean.

Look up the words you use.

All of them.

Start with “Aweful.” Why does “Awesome” and “Aweful” mean different things?

Have you noticed?

Logic makes people notice things like this.

And always, ALWAYS look up the Etymology of the word. The Etymology of the word is more important that the Modern Usage because the Modern Dictionary was written by people who got an Education from those “professional” Educators who were too uneducated to know that Memorization is not a life skill.

Chain Reaction Science. It’s a bitch.

Rule #1 in Logic is “Define The Word.”

100% of all Mental Illnesses are caused by Low or Poor Education.

The cure to Mental Illness is Logic + Truth + The Defined Self + Problem Solving Skill and Problem Prevention w/ Discernment + Communication.

Are you ready to fire off the next action in this Chain Reaction? Viewers who are ready to take their Lives to the next level can visit

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