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Mental Health grossly impacts a business’ profits.

16 January 2023 – “According to a recent study by the health and wellness publisher HealthCanal, untreated workplace mental illness costs U.S. businesses US$3.7 trillion dollars each year, even though annual spending on mental health treatment in the United States is just 1.1% of that figure ($43 billion).” – From

Nov 4, 2022 — Poor worker mental health costs the U.S. $48 billion per year, survey suggests … Jobs in the U.S. are more likely to hurt workers’ mental health … – From

[Poor Mental Health] contributes to a loss of $210.5 billion a year to the US economy in the form of productivity loss, medical costs, and absenteeism. In fact, depressed … – From

According to Gallup, low morale costs American businesses up to $550 billion a year due to lost productivity, including absenteeism, illness, and other problems …- From


The Mental Health of you, your Staff, and Employees has a direct and significant impact on your Business Profits. Absentees, Conflicts, Poor Communications, Morale, high turn over, HR complaints, Poor Customer Service, Hiring and Onboarding proper Candidates, A lack of Team Players, Effective Communication, all of these are factors in a Business’ Success.

The Healing Garden has your solution.

Back story

I became a Business Owner in 2015 and have built 4 Business and 5 Companies. Business is my true Passion. Of all I’ve done, nothing gave me more of an adrenaline rush and excitement than accumulating all of my work into a Business for others to purchase, use, and grow.

“Business Ownership is much like Frankenstein pumping life into an idea and watching it come to life and take breath. It breathes on its own and it moves with you. It is the most extraordinary thing I have ever witnessed in my life. This is the treasured knowledge known only to the Successful Business Owner.” 

But, after 4 years of Business, my own Mental Health sank my first company. I left the world of book publication and marketing and instead turned my interests fully onto Mental Health. With 30 years in Philosophy, Ontology, Sociology, and Mathematics, what I realized was that Psychologists don’t have a clue what they are doing, which is why Mental Illness is a growing Pandemic with suicide on the rise. The website, does nothing, but voice rage against the Psychology Field for its inadequacy and incompetence at their own claimed “mastered field of profession.”

And Employers and Business Owners are paying for this pandemic directly out of their losses. 

My studies in Philosophy, Ontology, and Logic made me realize that the answer and solution to Mental Health was not in Psychology, but in Logic, Math, Physics, and Philosophy. And, after my own Talk Therapy failed me, I discovered, invented, and built the first Prosthetic Subconscious Mind: The AIDNS (Abstract Intra-Dimensional Navigational System). 

In only 8 months, I went from being diagnosed with 5 “incurable” mental illnesses, including Borderline Personality Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder where I was incapable of opening my mail and being incapable of socializing to building, founding, and operating The Healing Garden and Alexandria.

I am the only one in the world ever to “come back” from Insane. And my Triadic Healing is how I did it.

You and your Employees are getting the same program that I used on myself

Triadic Healing is the exact same program, Order of Operations, Steps, and System I put my own mind through. It is “The Mental Healing Journey Walkthrough” with easy-to-follow steps to take almost any mind from “Broken” to “Whole and Healed.”

It is built on Logic, Mathematics, Euclidean Geometry, and Physics and is 100% Holistic. No prescriptions, drugs, or supplements required. I used Scientific Method and Logic, Math, and Physics with successful application on myself before I even ran the Clinical Studies. That is how solid Triadic Healing. 

It is built on the Foundation of Science.

From Triadic Healing to Triadic Healing For The CEO 

At 26 levels of Consciousness into my own Healing, the idea of building Triadic Healing for the CEO was irresistible.

Triadic Healing for the CEO comes in 2 parts: 

Part #1 – The CEO Tools for the Ethical Business Model 

It lays out all of the finer minute details of Triadic Healing for the CEO so you can assess, diagnose, and plug in Triadic Healing and Human Circuitry right into your business.

Convert your Traditional Business Model over to an Ethical Business Model that incorporates the Ethics and Strategies mastered in Triadic Healing. Nourish your Business from the Ground up. Nurture the Conduit and the Network that holds your company together. 

You get the same Non-Traditional Business Model that I built for The Healing Garden so you can ensure the greatest success and structure for your business. 

We also have available The Business Guidance Counselor for your Employees. This is so you can provide your Employees with an “onsight” Guidance Counselor without the ongoing expense of hiring staff. 

Part #2 – Triadic Healing For Corporation

You also have available the option to purchase Triadic Healing for Yourself, Your Staff and Employees, and their families to ensure their optimum Mental Wealth.

All That We Offer…

  • 1) Triadic Healing For the CEO: Triadic Healing Part #1 for your Employees at a company Discount

Provide your Employees with all the tools they need to help them turn their lives around and figure themselves out. 

  • 2) Triadic Healing For the CEO: Triadic Healing Part #1 and Part 2 for your Employees at a company Discount

Provide your Employees with everything they need to get their relationships, parenting, and life together so they can help others and themselves (Includes Triadic Healing part #2)

  • 3) Triadic Healing For the CEO: Triadic Healing For the CEO: The Guidance Counselor

Turn their “Dead End Job” into the Inspiration, Hope, Direction, and Path they have been looking for all their lives. Our Virtual Guidance Counselor to help your employees get the most of their employment with you. A job does not have to be “just a job.” It can be a turning point in their lives. 

  • 4) Triadic Healing For the CEO: Triadic Healing For the CEO: Communications and Conduits of Human Circuitry

A Society, Culture, Household, and Business lives and dies on the Conduit and Human Circuitry. Our Communication and Human Circuitry Course shines the spotlight onto this depleted and malnourished aspect of our lives. It awakens and nurtures the Communicator inside all of us so your business goes from a weak connection with poor signal to mazed connection with superb signal. 

Some of The Classes Included In Our Package

  • The CEO Agenda
  • The Business Model Introduction
  • The Ethical Business Model
  • The CEO Perspective
  • The “Reliability” Metric
  • The Business Guidance Counselor
  • Artist + Communicator + Scientist + Philosopher
  • Communication and Networking For The Win-Win or “Sales” For Short
  • Prime Optimum Reception: Staffing, Teaching, Training
  • The Business Ethical Model vs. The Traditional Model?
  • The Workaholic Mindset
  • Having problem “turning off” from work? 
  • Balancing Work with Home
  • Troubleshooting Your Business

Ontological Physics for your Business. When done right, a Business breathes. It is alive. It has a pulse and a Psychology identical to any Self-System or Individual or Cell. But you can’t walk into Talk Therapy with your Business and have a shrink chat up your business to figure out what is wrong. 

However, when you see the clues, when you know what to look for, you can go a long way to diagnose, assess, and “fix” the problems in your business structure to identify the Core problem and locate the real problem and how to fix it. 

In this Video we cover Business Troubleshooting and Diagnostics to keep your company from shrinking, failing, or dying. 

  • The Small Business Owner
  • “So you want to start a business”

Communication Course

In our Communications Course, you will receive:

  • The Mastery of Communication: An Introduction to Communication
  • Communication: The Apprentice : Developing The Intuition of Communication
  • Communication: The Tradesmen : Mastering the Intuition of Communication
  • Communication: The Master : Identifying and Defining The Communication
  • Communication: The Philosopher : Wielding the Power of Communication With Purpose and Conscious Precision
  • “Hello, Self. We Need To Talk.” The 5 Skill Levels of Communication Mastery
  • “Hello, Self. We Need To Talk.” The Multi-Faceted Views of The Communication


In addition to the Courses listed above, you and your Employees will receive the full Triadic Healing Package for themselves and their families, a $15,000/per person Value.

“Grow With You” Customized Courses

Additional Add-On

You tell us what your business is suffering from, and we will add to your package with any additional videos you need. No private information will be shared and all requests from all companies will be tailored for a One-Size-Fits-All Course that any Company can use and apply to their own situation. So long as you are under contract with The Healing Garden, you will have access to this feature if you select it.

Consultation and Diagnoses

Additional Add-On

Every 6 months, we will sit down with you and your HR team to determine any problems or concerns that you and/or your staff is experiencing. We provide The Healing Garden Perspective to help assess and diagnose your situation and then we will create a Course to Correspond to your needs.

If this is something you are wanting to discuss with The Healing Garden, contact Anna to schedule your Consultation.