“What Action Do I Need To Take?”

When something doesn’t “feel right” or “feel good” I put everything down. I step back and I ask, “What Action Do I Need To Take?”


This is what I call the Feeling “Catalyst Taking Action.” It means I need to step back, locate the Problem, Analyze the Situation, Build a Plan, and Take Action.

I could call it the “Problem Planning” or “Problem Prevention” Feeling.

It is a general “I got a bad feeling about this…”

Only, you can do nothing, change nothing, and be victimized, or you can take action, plan accordingly, and Solve for X.

Most people shut down and play the Victim. Problem Prevention doesn’t even enter into their minds.

This is “Being Proactive About Your Problems” and it is a concept absent in our society.

So I sit and I ponder. I look at all of my problems and I ask, “What is the Problem?” I meditate and “Go inward,” which means “I dig into the “Discomfort” part of my Self and we enter into Exploratory Dialogues. Which is this, right here. This conversation with The Self.

I reverse Engineer the process and I ask myself what is wrong?

And then I located the phrase “The Societal Solutionist and The Business Scientist.”

Societal Solutionist… Now that is my title if ever there was one. We don’t have Societal Solutionists in the world. So I’m going to make them. My standards are HIGH. There are SO MANY PEOPLE trying… But honestly, if you don’t have a Societal Solutionist, you’re not going to get the Problem Resolved.

And The Healing Garden is the Official Societal Solutionist.

So what is a Societal Solutionist you may be asking.

The Cognitive Function of “Feeling the Need” to transfer Potential Emotional Energy that results in Discomfort (Then Cognitive Dissonance and then Pain) over into Strategic and Deliberate Action (AKA Kinetic Energy)… This is the Feeling of “Needing to Solve” that so many people mistranslate, ignore, and fail to do.

And thus, Cognitive Dissonance and Emotional Pain.

I started writing this article with severe Discomfort this morning.

As I wrote, strategically using Exploratory Dialogues to Reverse Engineer the pain, I identified the Problem, located the solution, and already am forming the plan into my mind. Next on my agenda? Drafting up the Blue Prints to build and execute “Operation : The Societal Solutionist” Marketing Campaign.

And thus, my pain is gone.

The Pain that was in my chest has now transferred into Cognitive Function into my brain and my Frontal Lobe is cooking with ideas.

We Feel Physics.

When you know the Language of Physics, you can Communicate with Physics.

Physics has its own Language. It speaks. What you need is a Translator, which requires a Physicist and a Psychologist in one.

Oh! You asked me what a Societal Solutionist does…

I have to Process first, Plan, Sculpt the Idea with Words, Name it, Define it with Logic, and then write up the math Formula before I can explain first.


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